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January 22, 1990

MAILALL now has five user definable print options in the Systems and
Print menu (F9 from the Main Menu). In addition you may select to send
these codes before and after the printing of Labels, Envelopes, or Reports.
You can now terminate the F1, F2, and F4 functions by entering the
escape key twice. When using F2, Edit the displayed address, you can
avert the change of the Edit date if you did not want it to change by
entering the escape key twice. All other data entered on that screen
only will also be lost. The Mailmerge section now tolerates run time
errors much better. You can now append to existing address data files
when you import Wordstar Mailmerge files. The Enter new (F1), Edit
existing (F2), and Enter address search data (F4) functions have a new
whole line edit function. If you enter ALT-L (press both buttons 1 & 2
or just button 3 on your mouse) and you will be given the option to
Delete, Copy, or Move the present line your cursor is located on.

MAILALL can now determine the display adapter that you have. MAILALL
still maintains the same four monitor selections as before. On startup
if MAILALL determines that you have a MDA display adapter then MAILALL
will select monitor option `M' and you do not have any other choice.
Also if a copy of MAILALL which was configured on a color graphic system
is run on a computer with a MDA display adapter MAILALL will use the `M'
option no matter what option has been saved in the MAILALL.CNF file.
If you have a CGA, EGA, or VGA display adapter MAILALL will select the
monitor option `C' for you. If you have a single color monitor that
does not display colors as shades of gray you may wish to change MAILALL's
monitor setting to `B'. If you keep Sidekick loaded on your machine
and have a color monitor you may wish to select the `S' monitor option.
To change your monitor option select F9 from the main menu then select
option nine and tell MAILALL what your monitor selection is. Your selection
will be saved in the MAILALL.CNF file. The monitor option `M' will
work on all computers. If you have a problem with any other monitor
option you should use the monitor option `M'.

New Command Line Options have been added. Enter "MAILALL ?" to list
commands. The newest option now allows you to have more than one
address file name file. Multiple command line options are now also

From the main menu there are four new keys that are operational. They
are the HOME, END, PGUP, and PGDW keys. They work with the + and - keys
to allow quick access to your addresses. If you press the HOME key you will
display address 1. If you press the END key you will display the last
address. Pressing the PGDN key will advance you 10% through your data
base towards the last address in your file. If you press the PGUP you
will advance 10% through you data towards the first address. Now, when
MAILALL does a file sort all letters are temporaly converted to upper
case to allowing sorting without reguard to case. This does not change
the addresses that are saved in any way.

MAILALL now supports user selectable LPT and COM ports which is saved
in the MAILALL.CNF file. COM ports require that EIA connector pins
2,3,5 and 7 at the computer side be terminated to your printer.
Connection of pin 20 to pins 6 and 8 may be useful for other programs.
See the manual for more details on COM ports under function key F9.
The file MAILALL.MAN and PRINTMAN.BAT is supplied is the self extracting
archived file MANUAL.COM. This is done so that MAILALL will fit on a
single floppy disk. You must move the MANUAL.COM to another blank disk
before running it. If you do not move it before you run it you will run
out of disk space on the original disk. The file PF??.COM is a self
extracting file which contains the files PF.COM, PF.DOC, and COMTEST.BAT
as well as several other related files. You may wish to move it to the
same disk that you placed MANUAL.COM on.

MAILALL now supports file locking and file names up to 64 characters
long. This gives MAILALL full network support. If you should abort
MAILALL or reboot your computer while running MAILALL the file that
you were using will be reported as "File Already in Use" by MAILALL.
Only if you have aborted MAILALL in some way while useing this file
you can enter a `!' at the error message to override.

MAILALL now has address created and last edit dates automatically
placeed for you. If you should need to change an address date just use
the up arrow or alt-D from anywhere.

MAILALL now works with a Microsoft or compatable mouse, the much re-
quested Phone Number field has been added and you can now select your
own background colors! Please read the manual for more information.
Some MAILALL support file names have been changed. You can delete the
your old drive/MAILALL subdirectory. All other support files still
have their old names and will be overitten. Your address files will be
unaffected. The file (MAILALL.CNF) now contains your monitor selection,
color selections, and mouse settings. Because the new database structure
is larger, you must first convert any address files that you made using
version 2.x of MAILALL to version 3.x. The program that you use is
BCONVERT. Please back up any data files before using BCONVERT. You
must use a different file name than was used by MAILALL version 2.X.
After address file conversion, and succesful use of MAILALL 3.X with your
new address file you can use MAILALL to rename your address files. You
must go to DOS first and delete the old file names.

Thank You for trying out MAILALL!!!

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