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Locators Operators Manual.

The screen that appears is in two parts.
On the left is an options menu.
To its right is a record display.

Options may be accessed in either of two ways.

1. By using the arrow keys from the numeric pad (be sure that your
keypad has the numbers deselected), position the light bar over
your selection & depress the enter key.

2. Enter the first initial of your selection.

The menu options are displayed below. They also display when using
the help selection from the menu.

To add a record select A=add
To delete a record select D=delete
To change a record select C=change
To print a record select P=print

To select the first record in the file select F=first
To select the next record select N=next
To select the previous record select B=before
To search for a record select S=search - enter

USING THE FILTER - This allows you to establish browsing criteria
such as by city, zip code, sica code. The system will then display
only those records that match the criteria.

To set the filter select T=filter. Enter an expression ex: zip
= '44118'

Note, you must surround your search target with single quote marks.

To deselect the filter reselect T=filter. Depress the enter key
with no entry.


To select the reports submenu select R=report. From this submenu,
you will be able to print labels and lists. You will be able to
organize your list alphabetically, or in order by zip code, city,
sica. You will also be able to write out your mail list to the
word processor. DEPRESS ANY KEY WHEN DONE!


Select the reports submenu reports submenu.
Select output to disk for wordprossor.

This selection creates a wordperfect file on the disk which is
named "wordfile.txt". This is your secondary file for use with
the worperfect merge command. The merge letters follow:

f4=company name
f5=street number
f7=street name

To understand its use, read your word perfect manual related to

Using the memo command.

This command opens a memo field related to the record displayed on
the screen. The wordprocessor in use is the dos wordprocessor
described in your dos manual as Edlin. I recommend your reading
this secion of your dos manual. Your memo field is limited to 5000
chacacters. Should you number your entries or reference them by
date, edlin will allow you to conduct a search for the wanted

Should you need further explanations, phone me at 291-0535 for

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Archive   : LOCATER.ZIP
Filename : MANUAL.TXT

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