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Card files are the target of this message. They store data on prospects,
customers, personnel, leads, property, inventory, warranties, etc. The types of
lists are endless as are their purposes. The problem is that this archaic method
of data storage offers no help for researching and retrieving masses of informa­tion. This is a job for a computer.

* Ease of retrieval

* Output can be directed towards any of following:
1. Word Processor
2. Label Processor
3. Report Processor
4. Telephone Dialer with message delivery

* Records can be more easily edited from a screen.

* More efficient information research techniques are available.

* Data is protected from loss or abuse.

* Economy of data collection.
Data lists may be acquired on computer media.
An example is a D & B prospecting list.

* More efficient use of space

Our function is to provide you with an easy to use menu driven LIST
PROCESSORœ. We'll recommend an appro¬priate computer (any IBM PC, XT, AT
or clone will do), customize a program to your specific needs, supply the
support needed to convert media and /or to train your staff.

The list processor is menu driven. No programming skills are required. œIt
is programmed in dBASE which is an easy language to use. If and when you
wish to gain added skills, we can train you in the use of this language, or to
use an outside provided report generator or to sharpen your skills with the use
of your word processor.

We can also provide you with a telephone message processor that can be
used as an answering system. It will redirect incoming calls &/or automatically
dial selected phone numbers from the database to deliver digitally encoded voice

Phone us please to indicate your interest. I'd like to meet with you
personally to consider your needs and to offer my recommendations. I'll be
happy to provide references, &/or demonstrations of my work.

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Archive   : LOCATER.ZIP
Filename : LIST.NAR

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  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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