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Wá Binoculars(&Bushnell 7 x 35, serial number 297641 D Computer EquipmentÁ¿IBM PS/2 model 70, 120 meg hard drive, sn=1003489.IBM VGA monitor, sn=1028974.Hewlett Packard LaserJet IIP+ printer, sn=209387.All equipment purchased 4/2/91 from Businessland in Denver.Living Room furniture€~5-piece sectional, purchased 7/14/89 for $1800.Brass lamp, cost $89.Cherry coffee table, 9/26/91, $275Recliner chair, $400
Hawk, Tom A.<:135 Otoe LanePine Junction, Colorado 80470303/838-1234¾ uKlowesoff, OliverLJ123 Maple StreetRichmond, OK 73458Home 417/331-8824Work 417/331-3445Willin, Aben N.MK895 Caine St.Rockville, MD 12345Last saw at Joe's party December 1990.W1992-09-27, Acme Plumbing[Y2 hour meeting with Bob Simmons of Acme Plumbing.4 hours designing new system for Acme.Ú€1992-09-29, Gibbons & Ajax1/2 hour driving time to Gibbons Brewery in Boulder.3 hours touring Gibbons Boulder factory to become familiar with operations.15 minute phone conversation with Sally Rogers of Ajax plumbing. We talkedabout the deadlines for the design of the new system.1992-10-02, Ajax867 hours spent working developing new system for Ajax.á fileÑ1ñ file file header! 5Household Inventory  subfile headerjCREATE A NEW CATEGORY Hours to Bill to Clients Household Inventory People