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Synopsis: Idaho is a weak living will state. ONLY PATIENTS WITH
A TERMINAL DIAGNOSIS have the right to execute a living will.
The law does not provide for the declaration to be binding or
enforceable against a hospital or physician. To prepare a Idaho
living will using the state suggested form, please select this
option from the main menu. Remember that the publisher recommends
preparing a "uniform" living will in addition to the form
suggested with by the State of Idaho. Please also consider
executing a living will for any State that you spend more than a
few weeks per year, or where you are a temporary resident.

Statute number: Idaho Code 39-4501
Statute title: "Idaho Natural Death Act"

Governmental Agency to contact for more information: None specified

A specific form of living will is provided

Witness requirements: Number: 2 Relationship: Witnesses may
not be related by blood or marriage, may not be directly responsible
for the medical costs of the declarant and must be over 189 years
of age. Further the witnesses must not be the patient's doctor,
an employee of the doctor or of a hospital. Witnesses may not
have any interest in the patient's estate.

Living wills must be re-executed every five years

Recording of the living will is not provided

Revocation of the living will may be made by tearing, defacing,
burning, etc. It may be verbally revoked by statements to a
single witness. Revocation may be made even if the patient
is not competent. 

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