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The federal government goes about arranging for regulations
on a local level in strange ways. The idea that the federal
government could regulate the way that local school districts
keep records would probably raise shock in the founding fathers.
The so called "Buckley Amendment" provides rights to parents and
students regarding educational records through funding-- in order
to receive even one penny of federal funds, all schools must
comply with the regulations in the "Buckley amendment."

The Buckley Amendment requires that parents and students who
are over the age of 18 years, or attending post-high school
courses have the following rights:

a) Records must be kept private, and the School may only release
directory information (name, address etc.), and that Students and
parents must be notified of a right to withhold even directory
information and, records are only to be released under court
order or by written request of the student or parent;

b) Access must be provided to the parent or student of records,
no later than 45 days after request;

c) The parent or student must have the right to challenge any
inaccurate information and cause its removal, and to place
statements in the file if a parent or student disagrees with the

d) All of the rights that are provided by the Buckley Amendment
must be explained to the students or parents;

e) The Secretary of Education must enforce the rights of the
Buckley Amendment. 

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