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Version 3.2SW

September, 1991

Copyright (c) 1989

By: Richard Zakas


The GROCER is distributed as-is. The author disclaims all
warranties, expressed or implied. The author will assume no
liability for damages either from the direct use of this product or
as a consequence of the use of this product. This offer is a limited
time offer and pre-empts any previous offer.


This is a shareware version of THE GROCER, and it is fully functional.
You are encouraged to try this SHAREWARE version, and if you find it
of value, to register your copy. You are granted a limited license
to use this shareware version for a "resonable" period of time. The
registration fee is $12.50 U.S., and $15.00 outside the U.S. This
registration fee entitles you to use THE GROCER beyond a trial period.
Registered users will also be able to upgrade their copy of THE GROCER,
remove the registration screen, and increase storage capacity. When
sending in your registration, please mention the version you are
registering, where you obtained THE GROCER, and the registration fee.
Registered users upgrading from versions previous to 3.0 will be charged
a one time update fee of $7.50 . Any suggestions or comments are always
appreciated, so if you have something you want included or changed in the
program, please write.

Checks can be made to:

Richard Zakas
119 Hubinger ST.
New Haven, CT. 06511

The latest version of THE GROCER is available on CompuServe in the
IBMAPP forum. Registered owners also can receive support by contacting
CompuServe User ID# 73767,1155


- THE GROCER requires 200K and MS-DOS 2.0 or later.
- THE GROCER can store up to 500 food items per data file in the
registered version (80 food item limit in the unregistered version).
- All files must be in same subdirectory.


GDATBAK - Data file backup - rename to GROCERS.DTA if needed
GROCER.EXE - Main program
GROCERS.DTA - Main Data file
GROCERS?.DTA - Auxiliary Data Files (Can be copied and renamed to
any name you desire as long as the
file extension remains .DTA
example: ANYNAME.DTA)
FRUIT.DTA - Data file renamed to FRUIT.DTA, currently stores fruit data
README.DOC - This file


- Increased storage of data files to 500 items upon
registration. Shareware version stores 80 items per
data file.

- Main menu mouse support

- Main menu hot keys

- Support for monochrome and color monitors

- Support for auxiliary data files. Use to store more
than 500 data items. Can be renamed to any filename
but must have .DTA extension. Unlimited number of
auxiliary data files may be used in the same directory
that THE GROCER is stored.

- Instant registration feature. Users who register their
version of THE GROCER will be able to use the registered
features immediately.

- Use any number of different database files to create a
single grocery shopping list.

- Added S command line option. Entering GROCER S
on the command line will result in a smaller compressed
grocery list when output to a printer. This option was
added in response to numerous requests from users.

- THE GROCER automatically deletes unused grocery lists upon
exiting, helping to maintain a clutter free disk.

- Optimized code for greater speed.

- Rewrite of all major program procedures.


I believe programs should be written so that they are self
explanatory and need no cumbersome manuals. I hope to have achieved
this with THE GROCER. Therefore, there is no manual.

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