Category : Databases and related files
Archive   : GROCER32.ZIP
Filename : GROCERS.DTA

Output of file : GROCERS.DTA contained in archive : GROCER32.ZIP
Bakery Goods Bread - Pumpernickle 1.3900000000E+00
Bakery Goods Bread - Rye 1.3900000000E+00
Bakery Goods Bread - White 1.3900000000E+00
Beverages Crystal Light Mix 3.9900000000E+00
Beverages Lipton Ice Tea Mix 3.3900000000E+00
Breakfast Foods Frosted Mini Wheats 2.1900000000E+00
Breakfast Foods Oatmeal - 42 oz. 2.1900000000E+00
Canned Goods Chili 9.9000000000E-01
Canned Goods Corn - Niblets 12oz 5.9000000000E-01
Canned Goods Jelly 1.8900000000E+00
Canned Goods Peanut Butter 28oz 2.6200000000E+00
Canned Goods Soup - Minestrone 4.9000000000E-01
Canned Goods Soup - Tomato 3.3000000000E-01
Canned Goods Tuna Fish 6.9000000000E-01
Condiments A1 Steak Sauce 1.2900000000E+00
Condiments Duck Sauce 2.8900000000E+00
Condiments HorseRadish 1.9900000000E+00
Condiments Ketchup 5.9000000000E-01
Condiments Mayonaisse 2.2900000000E+00
Condiments Mustard 9.9000000000E-01
Condiments Pancake Syrup 2.2900000000E+00
Condiments Parmesan Cheese 1.9900000000E+00
Condiments Picante Sauce 1.5900000000E+00
Condiments Spaghetti Sauce 1.0900000000E+00
Condiments Sugar 2lb 1.0900000000E+00
Dairy Products Cheese Slices-Kraft 1.9900000000E+00
Dairy Products Cheese-Monteray Jack 1.9900000000E+00
Dairy Products Cottage Cheese 1.5700000000E+00
Dairy Products Cream Cheese 1.5600000000E+00
Dairy Products Eggs 8.5000000000E-01
Dairy Products Margarine-Parkay-Sqz 1.4900000000E+00
Dairy Products Milk 1.3900000000E+00
Dairy Products Skim Milk 1.3900000000E+00
Dairy Products Yogurt 5.9000000000E-01
Dry Goods Carnation Dry Milk 1.7900000000E+00
Dry Goods Coffee - Colum Beans 3.9900000000E+00
Dry Goods Coffee(Maxwellhouse) 4.9900000000E+00
Dry Goods Minute Rice 3.2900000000E+00
Dry Goods Rotini 9.9000000000E-01
Dry Goods Spaghetti 5.9000000000E-01
Frozen Foods Flounder 4.4900000000E+00
Frozen Foods Manicotti 2.9900000000E+00
Frozen Foods Mixed Vegetables 1.6900000000E+00
Frozen Foods Pancake Batter 1.0900000000E+00
Frozen Foods Popcorn 1.9900000000E+00
Frozen Foods Ravioli 1.7900000000E+00
Frozen Foods Sausage-Jones Dinner 2.2900000000E+00
Frozen Foods Waffles - Eggo 1.2900000000E+00
Fruit & Vegetables Apples 3.9900000000E+00
Fruit & Vegetables Bananas 5.9000000000E-01
Fruit & Vegetables Celery 9.9000000000E-01
Fruit & Vegetables Grapefruit 7.9000000000E-01
Fruit & Vegetables Onions 2lb 6.9000000000E-01
Fruit & Vegetables Oranges 6.9000000000E-01
Fruit & Vegetables Pears 4.9000000000E-01
Fruit & Vegetables Potatoes 1.6900000000E+00
Fruit & Vegetables Strawberries 1.5000000000E+00
Health & Beauty AidsQ-Tips 1.6900000000E+00
Health & Beauty AidsRazor Blades 2.6000000000E+00
Health & Beauty AidsShampoo 2.2900000000E+00
Health & Beauty AidsSoap (Bars) 1.1900000000E+00
Health & Beauty AidsToothpaste Aqua 8oz 2.9900000000E+00
Junk Food Chocolate Oreos 2.8900000000E+00
Junk Food Pretzel Logs 8.9000000000E-01
Junk Food Tortilla Chips 2.2900000000E+00
Meats Ham - 1lb Roast 4.9900000000E+00
Miscellaneous Cat Food (Canned) 3.3000000000E-01
Miscellaneous Cat Food (Dry) 7lb 5.9900000000E+00
Miscellaneous Cat Litter 25lb 2.7500000000E+00
Miscellaneous Light Bulbs 3.9900000000E+00
Miscellaneous Motor Oil (2 Quarts) 1.9500000000E+00
Paper Products Cottenelle Tissue TP 1.6300000000E+00
Paper Products Paper Towels 7.9000000000E-01
Soaps & Detergents Air Freshener 1.7900000000E+00
Soaps & Detergents Drano 1.7900000000E+00
Soaps & Detergents Joy Dishwashing lqd 2.9900000000E+00
Soaps & Detergents Scrunge Pad 9.9000000000E-01
Soaps & Detergents Solo Liq Det 96oz 5.8300000000E+00
Soaps & Detergents Windex 2.9900000000E+00

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Archive   : GROCER32.ZIP
Filename : GROCERS.DTA

  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

  3. But one thing that puzzles me is the “mtswslnkmcjklsdlsbdmMICROSOFT” string. There is an article about it here. It is definitely worth a read: