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º FONE800(tm) 2.1 º The Preferred 800 Information Service Manager º README.1STº
º º
º FONE800(tm) is distributed on 2 disks in self-extracting form for $29.95 US.º
º If you would like to have FONE800(tm) automatically installed from the º
º A: drive into a directory named \FN800 on your C: drive, then just º
º type A:INSTALL and an automatic procedure will do the rest. º
º To manually install FONE800(tm) to your hard disk, perform these steps: º
º þ Use mkdir to create a directory for FONE800. \FN800 is recommended. º
º þ Copy the contents of both PROGRAM and DATA disks into this directory. º
º þ Run "XF821PGM" and "XF821DAT" to unpack the FONE800(tm) program and data. º
º þ Delete XF821PGM.EXE and XF821DAT.EXE to save disk space. º
º þ Type "FONE800" to run the program. º
º Registration fee: $29.95 (US) ³ Eugene L. Woods, PE/EE º
º $11.95 (US) for Registered Users ³ PO Box 261267 º
º plus $5.00 Shipping & Handling ($9.50 non US). ³ San Diego, CA 92196 / USA º
º (California residents please add sales tax) ³ TEL: 1-(619)-549-4057 º
Copyright(c) 1988-93 by Eugene L. Woods, PE/EE. All rights reserved.