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Robert P. VanNatta,Some Spreadsheets,"Lifelines, Vol IV Number 6, P7","Insight into three spread sheets. Installation and use. Faults of each. CALCSTAR-SUPERCALC-PERFECTCALC"
Bruce H. Hunter,PL/I From the Top Down,"Lifelines, Vol IV, Number 6, Nov. 1983","The fifth of a series of articles about PL/I. Quick review of edit statements. Precision and scale. Format codes. Control formats. Remote format. Picture Format. A few odd rules."
Tony Bove & Cheryl Rhodes,CompuServe Communications - File Transfers and Public Access,"User's Guide, Vol. 1, No. 6, p7, 1983","Discussion of private file transfers to electronic publishing. Placing orders, conducting research, taking courses. Sending memos, writing book chapters, submitting articles, regular correspondence and moving information."
John A. Libertine,The Cbasic Clinic - Part 3,"Creative Computing, Jan 1984, p163","Third of a five part series on CBASIC. Part 3 includes discussion of error messages, subroutines, line input, and file handling."
Saul G. Levy,BASIC Dates (Letter to the Editor),"Dr. Dobb's Journal, Jan 1984, p10","Comments about G. King's article on 'Julian Dates for Microcomputers'.Further explanation of origin or Julian dates and handling by BASIC, CBASIC, MBASIC, NORTH STAR BASIC."
Chris Terry,In the Public Domain,"Microsystems, Jan 1984, p34","Discussion of CPMUG and SIG/M public domain libraries. Editors - EDIT-TED-ED-RED. Formatters-ZPTEX-RUN80-V2-SECRETARY-POW. Utilities-SPELL-DEXNER-GENINDEX-WMNOTES=TEXCLEAN-MAGE"