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ExpressCheck Version 4 Released Jan. 8, 1990

After months of hard work, the newest version of ExpressCheck is
ready to be shipped. Ever since version 3 was released a year
ago, we have listened to your comments and suggestions and have
incorporated them into what we now consider to be the best
personal and small business finance manager on the market today.

One of our happy users just wrote us: "I had been using Quicken
for about a year or two and after trying out ExpressCheck for 5
minutes I dropped Quicken like it was a Hot Potato."

Responses like this are typical. People love using Express-
Check, and we think you will love this new version even more.

New features in version 4 include:

Bill Reminder System

Indicate your bills and how often they are due and ExpressCheck
will actually remind you when they are coming up, and when you
say so, will automatically enter them for you and even print the
checks if you like. You can define up to 10 Payment Groups to be
paid every week, every two weeks, twice a month, every four
weeks, every month, every quarter, twice a year, annually, or on
a variable schedule. Those automatic withdrawals, insurance and
property tax payments won't sneek by unnoticed any more. There
is even a small separate program that can be run as part of your
AUTOEXEC.BAT file to tell you if any Payment Groups are due when
you turn on your computer each day. You don't even have to run
ExpressCheck to keep on top of things.

Uncleared Transactions

Automatic display of uncleared transactions is now part of the
Check Register section. This makes reconciling your account each
month a breeze. Just press the earch key and the next
uncleared entry is highlighted.


Expanded Setup program lets you customize every part of the
program to your personal tastes. You can choose line styles for
surrounding windows, exploding windows, date format (MM-DD-YY or
DD-MM-YY), the ability to turn off the automatic sorting of
Budget Codes, default answers for many prompts, clear screen
background character, leading asterisks on printed check amounts,
and more.


A pop-up Calculator is now available from anywhere in the
program by pressing . You can make quick calculations
using addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Enhanced Sorting

The Sort feature is now more than twice as fast as before and
allows you to sort by Amount and Input Order as well as the
previous Number, Date and Payee.

More Reports

New reports include monthly budget code totals over a fiscal
year, a combined Payee and Budget Code report, and an Activity
Log report that gives an account of everything you did in the
current session. Reports printed to the screen will now pause
after every screen full if desired.

New fields

There is now a "Source" field on deposit slips where you can
record the origin of the money being deposited. There is also a
"Used for" field on the ATM withdrawal screen.

ATM Deposit

A new ATM Deposit screen has been added to make it easier to
track deposits that have been made at an automatic teller

Expanded QuickFill

QuickFill entries that allow instant fill-in of a check have now
been expanded to include all types of transactions. QuickFill
entries can also be tagged and executed in a batch similar to
Payment Groups in the Bill Reminder system.

Shell to DOS

You can now drop to DOS by pressing from anywhere in the
program. To return to ExpressCheck, just type EXIT at the DOS
prompt and the original screen will be restored leaving you right
where you left.

Resume Numbering

If you enter a transaction that is behind your normal numbering
sequence, you can resume the usual numbering by pressing .

We are always interested in your comments and ideas concerning
our products. If you would like to make any suggestions, please
fill out and return the RESPONSE form found on the Supplemental
Disk. If you would like to print out a copy, make sure your
printer is ready and On-Line. With the Supplemental Disk in
drive A, type: COPY A:RESPONSE PRN


Changes that have been made in ExpressCheck, version 4

4.01 (January 25, 1990)

Using /F on the command line for fast startup was ignoring any
account name to open that was read from the profile. This has
been fixed.

If monochrome mode is selected on either the command line or from
the profile, double lines are now automatically used if "none"
was found for the line style in the profile. Otherwise you can't
tell where the menu boundaries are.

If "none" is selected for the line style in the profile, the Main
Menu looks bad. Because of this, the Main Menu is now always
displayed with border lines.

Check printing:
When setting up the QuickCheck print string, you can now include
an FF to specify a formfeed. This is useful for people printing
checks on laser printers to kick out the check page.

Report Section:
Pressing to print to the Disk now changes the "P" to a "D".

Pressing on the prompt asking for the output filename used to
cause an error 52. This has been fixed.

Report number 6 was printing report number 8 if report 8 was run
just prior to report 6. This has been fixed.

4.02 (February 5, 1990)

Typing in the name of any existing account file is now prohibited.

Payment Group entries are now copied to the new account.

When printing the list of QuickFill entries, the columns now line up

The Drive / Path prompt is now longer.

Moved the Printer port question from page 1 to page 2.

The #1 Space Character was being lost if Setup was run twice. Fixed.

Account Definition:
The Account number wouldn't show up on the screen when editing
an account definition if the user had transferred to the Report
section or the Sort section before editing. Fixed.

Fixed an rare problem that would cause an error 55 when exporting
a file.

If report #8 was run with several budget codes selected, and if
there were no records found for the first code, ExpressCheck
would report an error 63. Fixed.

Running report #8 twice in a row with Combined accounts would
add a "4." to the beginning of the account name in the title.

4.03 (March 5, 1990)

The Path prompt now allows a period.

You can now specify whether you want the spelled out check amounts
to be centered within asterisks or left justified with trailing

Payment Groups:
Deleting a QuickFill entry from the middle of the list wasn't deleting
the correct group assignment number. Every entry below the deleted
entry was being shifted to the previous group assignment number.

Entering an E followed by a number larger than 38 (e.g. E123) in the
check number field would cause an OVERFLOW error. Fixed

If ExpressCheck gave a low balance warning while recording a QuickFill,
when the "Recording" window was erased, some spurious text was
displayed behind it. Fixed.

If you transferred to the Sort or Report section, then back, and then
added or edited your QuickCheck definition, the new definition would
be saved to disk as a blank. The next time you started the program,
there would be no QuickCheck definition left. Fixed.

If the dd-mm-yy style of dates was being used, the date range was not
working correctly and would miss certain dates. Fixed

Deleting QuickFill entries wasn't always deleting them. Fixed

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