Category : Databases and related files
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C1001 01-01-90Acme Party Supply 27.83Birthday party stuff PERSONAL 27.83 Y
C1003 01-08-90American Light Bulb Company 24.95Light bulbs HOUSEHOLD 24.95 Y
C1004 01-08-90XYZ Bank 623.78Mortgage Payment MORTGAGE 623.78 Y
C1005 01-20-90Mary Smith 12.00Baby Sitting PERSONAL 12.00 N
D 01-15-90Salary 2045.00Monthly Salary SALARY 2045.00 Y
C1006 01-23-90American Light Bulb Company 34.67Light bulbs HOUSEHOLD 34.67 Y
C1007 01-27-90Public Electric 284.23Electric bill UTILITIES 284.23 Y
C1009 01-28-90Everyone's Department Store 293.40dishes, paper, gifts HOUSEHOLD 75.34COMPUTER 35.00GIFTS 183.06N
C1010 02-05-90XYZ Bank 623.78Mortgage Payment MORTGAGE 623.78 N
C1011 02-11-90Mary Smith 16.00Baby Sitting PERSONAL 16.00 Y
C1014 03-11-90XYZ Bank 623.78Mortgage Payment MORTGAGE 623.78 N
C1015 03-15-90American Light Bulb Company 10.56Light Bulbs HOUSEHOLD 10.56 N
C1018 04-09-90XYZ Bank 623.78Mortgage Payment MORTGAGE 623.78 N
D 02-06-90Salary 2045.00 SALARY 2045.00 Y
D 03-05-90Salary 2045.00 SALARY 2045.00 Y
D 05-03-90Salary 2045.00 SALARY 2045.00 N
C1019 04-20-90American Light Bulb Company 42.87more light bulbs... HOUSEHOLD 42.87 N
C1021 04-25-90Sally Smith 9.00Baby Sitting PERSONAL 9.00 N
C1016 03-18-90Public Electric 197.92electric bill UTILITIES 197.92 N
C1023 05-22-90Public Electric 148.20electric bill UTILITIES 148.20 N
C1024 05-25-90Dr. Painless 294.60dentist for Jill DENTIST 294.60 N
C1025 06-05-90XYZ Bank 623.78Mortgage Payment MORTGAGE 623.78 N
C1026 06-09-90American Light Bulb Company 29.96still more light bulbs HOUSEHOLD 29.96 N
C1027 06-16-90Corner Market 125.67groceries FOOD 125.67 N
C1022 05-14-90Corner Market 183.00groceries FOOD 183.00 N
C1020 04-21-90Corner Market 293.20groceries FOOD 293.20 N
C1017 03-31-90Corner Market 164.00groceries FOOD 164.00 N
C1013 03-10-90Corner Market 200.34groceries FOOD 200.34 N
C1012 02-17-90Corner Market 189.99groceries FOOD 189.99 N
C1008 01-27-90Corner Market 182.02groceries FOOD 182.02 Y
C1002 01-06-90Corner Market 199.30groceries FOOD 199.30 Y
C1028 07-01-90Dr. Painless 2361.00braces for Jill DENTIST 2361.00 N
D 08-01-90Savings Interest 205.46interest from savings INTEREST 205.46 N
D 09-01-90Dividend interest 528.00dividend INTEREST 528.00 N
A 04-01-90Spending money and lunch 50.00spending money CASH 50.00 N
A 02-01-90Gift for Valentines Day 100.00 CASH 100.00 N
E 12-15-90Bonus Money 500.00extra bonus SALARY 500.00 N
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Archive   : EXCHK4-3.ZIP
Filename : EXAMPLE.DTA

  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

  3. But one thing that puzzles me is the “mtswslnkmcjklsdlsbdmMICROSOFT” string. There is an article about it here. It is definitely worth a read: