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³ On-disk documentation will be provided to ³
³ registrants in the form of an ASCII file ³
³ with index and page numbering headings. ³
³ To conserve disk space for distribution ³
³ of the evaluation version, documentation ³
³ was condensed and created as a self- ³
³ executing .EXE file. Type README at the ³
³ DOS prompt to view this documentation. ³


ENVELOPES PLUS... is an easy to use, convenient database
used primarily for printing individual or continuous envelopes,
postcards, labels, and Rolodex file cards. The program not only has
the ability to generate a typical mailing label (with first, last
name, address, city, etc. fields), but also can print general purpose
labels (such as inventory and identification labels). The program
was designed for the beginning to intermediate level computer user
who needs a simple, yet powerful database without having to worry
about field lengths and types, indexes, layouts and ranges. Pull
down menus, mnemonic functions keys, and the uncluttered screen
layout make the program very user friendly.

Unique features:

Here are a few features that ENVELOPES PLUS... offers that
are not found in most databases for the beginning to intermediate
computer user:

ù The ability to automatically dial phones numbers that have
been entered into the user's database records (requires a

ù The ability to add up to 100 lines of memo notes to each
record in a database. The memo/note editor uses Word Perfect-
like cursor and edit keys.

ù Search and replace function. Replace all "Miss" with "Ms."
in seconds!

ù The program can be run from a 360K floppy with plenty of
room to spare. Works fine even with older 8088 PC XTs
without a hard disk drive.

ù Automatically saves the user's last setup/configuration for
printer codes, envelopes and labels sizes, record format
(Canadian or U.S.) so that next time the file is retrieved
the settings will restored exactly as it was before.

ù Output can be redirected from a printer to an ASCII text
file (a.k.a. printing to a file).

ù Exports data to comma delimited format or dBase III format.

ù Calculator, state abbreviations lookup tables, U.S.P.S.
postal addressing standards, Canadian prompts, bulk rate
imprint stamps, and more!


To run ENVELOPES PLUS... your IBM PC (or 100% compatible) must
be equipped with 256K memory, 1 disk drive, and DOS 3.0 or higher.

To begin:

Load the program by typing at the DOS prompt ---> ENVELOPE


Philip P. Kapusta
P.O. Box 5423
Falmouth, Va. 22403 U.S.A.

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