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VBilly Smith's Auto Repair 123 Sand Bar Ferry Road Augusta Ga30902 (404)723-7865 Billy Smith Sam Smith D1023 Our product line is his second line. 02/23/8906/12/8912/07/8904/15/90VJones' General Motors Repair 1406 Watkins Street Augusta Ga30901 (404)723-1243 Bill Jones Harry Phillips D1056 We are his major supplier 04/13/8906/05/8908/23/8901/04/90VJohnson's Ford Dealership 1923 Anderson Drive Columbia SC29805 (803)786-9045 Jeff Johnson Al Nevins D2089 Jeff's Birthday is June 1 12/30/8902/17/90 VBronson's Ford Hospital 564 West Palm Street Charleston SC25608 (803)566-8967 William Bronson Jane Bronson D0023 01/23/8906/15/8911/30/89 VDixie Auto Repair 1934 Elm Street Macon Ga30543 (404)567-3421 Sam Lewis D0432 02/08/90 VWestern Auto 1343 East Broad Street Savannah Ga30678 (912)6565 Jill Thompson D0405 06/14/8909/03/89