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Disctrak System - Version 1.70
Copyright (c)1992 Blam Entertainment Group, All Rights Reserved
Disk Vendor Distribution Information

This file provides information for Shareware Distributors,
Disk Vendors and Computer Clubs who wish to distribute the
DiscTrak System package.

BBS SYSOPs, please refer to the SYSOP.DOC text file for

Individual and Company Users, please refer to DT-USER.DOC and
DT-ORDER.DOC for information.

Individuals who wish to distribute DiscTrak System to friends
or associates may do so in accordance with the restrictions
outlined in DT-USER.DOC.

As the exclusive copyright holder for DiscTrak System, Blam
Entertainment Group authorizes distribution only in accordance
with the following restrictions. Please refer to the
additional information listed below which is specific to ASP
and non-ASP Disk Vendors, Computer Clubs, and "Disk of the
Month" style distribution.

The DiscTrak System package, hereafter referred to as
software, is defined as containing all the material listed in
the PACKING.LST text file. If any files listed in the
PACKING.LST text file are missing, or the PACKING.LST file
itself is missing, then the software package is not complete
and distribution is forbidden. Please contact us to obtain a
complete package suitable for distribution.

Restrictions pertaining to everyone:

* This software, including all related program files and
documentation files, CANNOT be modified in any way and
must be distributed as a complete package, without

* You must not charge for the distribution of this software
package, except to defray the costs of diskette
duplication and shipping. These costs do not include
subscription or registration fees.

* If this software is combined with any other program for
distribution purposes, it must be archived using any of
the various compression programs, containing only those
files listed in PACKING.LST.

* This software cannot be rented or leased.

* All those receiving a copy of the this software MUST be
made aware that each disk or copy is ONLY for evaluation.
Registration is required for use beyond the evaluation
period and such registration is only valid when confirmed
in writing by Blam Entertainment Group.

* You may add any text files which advertise your
distribution service to this package, providing that all
files listed in PACKING.LST are included and remain

* The program documentation contained on diskette cannot be
copied, in whole or in part, by any means without the
express written consent of Blam Entertainment Group. In
other words, the disk-based documentation may not be
distributed in PRINTED (hard copy) form.

* Distribution of outdated versions of this software is
prohibited without written permission from Blam
Entertainment Group. If the version you have is over
twelve (12) months old, we require that you notify us to
verify the current revision number. We will respond by
sending you, for a small processing fee, the most current
revision of the software, provided you have an out of
date revision, before distribution may begin. ASP
authorized vendors will not be charged the processing

* This distribution agreement is in effect until or unless
we notify you otherwise, in writing.

* You may not use, copy, rent, lease, sell, transfer,
modify, decompile, disassemble or otherwise reverse
engineer this software or its associated documentation
except as provided in this agreement. Any such
unauthorized use shall result in immediate and automatic
termination of this distribution agreement.

All rights not expressly granted here are reserved to Blam
Entertainment Group.

The following additional information and restrictions are
intended for Shareware Distributors, Disk Vendors, and
Computer Clubs who wish to distribute this software.

ASP Associate (Disk Vendor) Member Information:

ASP Associate Members (often called "ASP Approved Vendors") in
good standing are granted permission to distribute this
software in any form without formally notifying Blam
Entertainment Group.

If your address, as listed in the ASP Vendor Catalog is
incorrect, please send us your current address so we can
ensure that you always have the most current version. ASP
Associate Members in good standing will receive free upgrades
for all shareware products developed and distributed by Blam
Entertainment Group.

Non-ASP Disk Vendor Information:

Vendors (non-ASP Vendor Members) who wish to distribute the
this software as part of a collection (such as PsL's MegaDisk
set, or a CD-ROM package) must obtain permission from Blam
Entertainment Group prior to beginning such a distribution.

If you would like to apply for ASP Associate Membership (to
become an ASP Approved Vendor), simply write to the following
address and request a Vendor Membership Application Package:

ASP Executive Director
545 Grover Road
Muskegon, MI 49442-9427

or send a CompuServe message via CompuServe MAIL to ASP
Executive Director 72050,1433.

CD-ROM and Other Collections:

If you wish to add any of our programs to a CD-ROM or other
collection, please check the release date of the version you
have. If the version is over six (6) months old then please
contact us to ensure that you have the most current version.


Most non-ASP vendors have standard procedures for acquiring
new files. They get them from other vendors, BBSs, etc. Most
authors cannot afford to mail disks to hundreds (perhaps
thousands) of vendors. However, some vendors prefer to obtain
programs directly from the authors. If you would like to
obtain programs directly from us, automatically, please help
us to cover the cost. Fill out the SUBSCRPT.DOC file
enclosed. ASP Approved Vendors are excluded from the
processing costs and will receive updates automatically.

The subscription is valid until terminated in writing. Timely
payments of per disk fees must be made to keep the company/BBS
subscription valid. Please keep us notified of any changes in
your address, phone numbers, contacts, etc. so you will
continue to receive updates.

We would appreciate copies of anything you print regarding
this software. Please send us a copy of any reviews,
articles, catalog descriptions, or other information you print
or distribute regarding this software. Thank you for your
time and assistance and for supporting the shareware marketing

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