Category : Databases and related files
Archive   : DIF14.ZIP
Filename : DIMPORT.HST

Output of file : DIMPORT.HST contained in archive : DIF14.ZIP

Copyright (c) 1990
John L. Dove III


Version 1.4 10 April 1990
Added ability to load any DB field list file from any directory

Version 1.3 30 March 1990
Fixed Stack overflow problem
Increased the max # of DBFIELD.IN values from 30 to 60
Increased the max line length to 78 from 30
Fixed so that it looks for DBFields.IN in same place as Source file
Fixed the routine which gets a field number for Edit,store, delete

Version 1.2 28 March 1990
Added ability to choose a file by directory file picker
Added ability to carry fields forwart to the next record
Added numbering to the Fields/List written recs function
Added the "." command to store a field with Periods deleted
Added the "+" and "-" commands to move to next/previous block of
Made the Search Feature "case insensitive"
Fixed Menu system so that Left/Right moves to other Menu entries

Version 1.1 22 March 1990
Added Search and Top of file functions to move quickly to a
specific record (as when continuing with a partially
processed input file)

Version 1.0 16 March 1990
This is the first release.

  3 Responses to “Category : Databases and related files
Archive   : DIF14.ZIP
Filename : DIMPORT.HST

  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

  3. But one thing that puzzles me is the “mtswslnkmcjklsdlsbdmMICROSOFT” string. There is an article about it here. It is definitely worth a read: