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10/13/89, VERSION 2.23

DBS-KAT is for hard disk owners who want information about their diskette
library in one compact database for quick & flexible inquiry. It accommodates
9,999 diskettes (or removeable disk cartridges) & up to 16 million filenames!
No data entry is required, but optional information is supported. Inquiry is
more flexible than the DOS DIR command. All documentation is on diskette.
For IBM PC/XT/AT/PS2 & compatibles w/hard disk, 384K RAM & DOS 3.0 or greater.

DBS-KAT is a complete multi-media file librarian for hard disk owners. In
addition to cataloging diskettes and removable cartridges, it manages files on
any media that is accessible by DOS commands for search, backup and disk
cleanup operations. In addition, DBS-KAT provides a feature-rich print
formatter for plain ASCII text files (such as source code files), and
includes a program to create menu operations inside DOS batch files.

To use DBS-KAT, type out the READ.ME file on the diskette. Follow the
instructions given to print out the DBS-KAT user manual. The manual has
installation and usage information.

1. Program Title: DBS-KAT (r) Multi-Media File Librarian Package. Short
Title: DBS-KAT (r) File Librarian Pkg, Ver. 2.23.

2. Detailed Program Description: (provided as part of the documentation
printed when the on-diskette manual is printed out)

3. Who is the intended user: PC Hard Disk Owners.

4. Unique features of the program (why is the program better?):
* Huge capacity (9,999 diskettes; 16,000,000 filenames).
* Minimal data-entry orientation. After creating a single system control
record, the only manually-entered data-entry information is a 4 digit
volume ID for each diskette and that is only required once if the
diskette is given that 4 digit ID as an actual volume label.
* Ability to automatically record subdirectory information of cataloged
diskette filenames (if the file resides on a subdirectory on the
* Hard disk file librarian program combined with diskette cataloger
* Super-featured print file utility program included with diskette
cataloger (KPRINT).

5. Program's capacity or limitations:
A single DBS-KAT database can not exceed: (1) the free space on disk drive
containing the database, or (2) 9,999 diskettes or (3) 16,000,000
filenames. When anyone of these three conditions is met, a database can
not handle any more additions.

6. Does the program require any special system requirements other than 256K
memory, one floppy disk drive, and a monitor. If yes, please list them:
* DOS 3.0 or greater.
* Must have either a hard disk drive or in place of the hard disk drive, a
second floppy disk drive that is 720K or greater.
* Must have 256KB memory free (not just installed).

7. How to start the program:
* Type: TYPE A:READ.ME and press ENTER to learn how to print the
documentation and install the software.
* Type: KATLOOK -M and press ENTER to initially create a system
control record (only required once after installation).
* Type: KAT and press ENTER to process diskettes.
* Type: KATLOOK and press ENTER to inquire against cataloged diskettes.
* Type: KATSCAN and press ENTER to run the hard disk file librarian
* Type: KATSCAN [DIR command parameters] and press ENTER to search for
files located anywhere on the current drive.
* Type: KPRINT and press ENTER to run the print file utility program.

8. What is the registration fee for your program?
* $27.50 for USA residents.
* $28.50 (US dollars) if resident is Canadian and check is from a Canadian
* $37.50 for all other foreign residents (check must have preprinted
wording on it that it can be drawn against a US Bank).
* $2.50 extra if diskette format is 3.5" (720 KB).
* $30.00 Source code.
* VISA and/or MasterCard orders are accepted. (Prices subject to change
anytime.) (Above prices reflect 5% cash discount; add 5% if using a
credit card to make purchase.)
* Please allow 3-6 weeks for delivery.

Registration entitles users to a database maintenance utility software
diskette, which contains programs that CAN NOT be distributed as
Shareware. Later this year (1989), the add-on registration diskette will
contain features detailed in the document file, KATORDER.FRM, which can be
TYPE-viewed after the installation process unsqueezes it.

9. List of files and a description of each file on the distribution diskette:

READ ME A short introductory note. To be read first.
DBSKAT EXE A self-extracting PKZIP archive file of DBS-KAT files (it also
includes the file, READ.ME)