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DBS-KAT (R) --The Easy, Practical, Super Capacity File Librarian Pkg.
Version 2.23, by Applied Foresight Inc.
(C) Copyright 1986-1989 R.H. Martin. All Rights Reserved.

DBS-KAT, Ver. 2.23, is for 320 KB RAM computers which have a hard disk &
PC-DOS or MS-DOS 3.0 or greater. DBS-KAT supports cataloging diskettes &
removeable disk cartridges. European DOS users are supported as of ver. 2.10
DBS-KAT. If you have DOS 2.X, read Appendix F of the DBS-KAT User Manual.
If you already have an earlier version of DBS-KAT installed, copy your
pre-existing KATDB.* files to another directory or to a backup diskette. The
documentation may allow you to overlay your pre-existing KATDB.* files after
installing this version. After backing up the KATDB.* files, erase all other
pre-existing DBS-KAT software from your hard disk.
This diskette contains the file DBSKAT.EXE. We suggest that you install
DBS-KAT into a directory called \DBSKAT. Copy the file DBSKAT.EXE to that
directory & then move to that directory. Type: C:\ & press ENTER; type:
MD \DBSKAT & press ENTER; type: COPY A:DBSKAT.EXE & press ENTER; then type:
DBSKAT & press ENTER which will create the files & documentation for DBS-KAT.
To then print manual, type: COPY KATBOOK.OUT /b PRN /b & press ENTER.
Installation & usage instructions are in manual, as well as an overview page.
Everything described is on this diskette. This is NOT demo software!
If you have an existing PC-KAT or pre-2.0 DBS-KAT database, read pages 6-8
of the DBS-KAT Technical Reference Manual for conversion instructions. If
upgrading from 2.0, install as normal, & then restore your backed up KATDB.*
files afterwards to the \DBSKAT directory.