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Copyright 1993
Elizabeth Copper
November, 1993
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SUPPORT: If you need help, call either the voice message line or the
bulletin board number. The bulletin board always has the latest
version of Daily Calendar available and offers other files for
downloading as well.

The purpose of this document is to explain in general how to use Daily
Calendar. The accompanying documentation file (DAY.DOC) provides
detailed instructions on installation and program use. Please refer to
it for more complete documentation.


Your config.sys file must specify at least 41 files and your
autoexec.bat file must contain the line SET CLIPPER=//F41. The number
in the SET CLIPPER line should equal the number of files in the
config.sys file. More than 41 is fine, and 75 or 100 is better for many

The program will check your environment to see if things are correct.


The program operates with three databases:

Calendar database - stores appointments, diary/journal entries by date
and time. Entries can be up to 64K (32 pages) for each time.

Name and address database - stores names, addresses and notes by name.
Notes can be up to 64K (32 pages) per person.

To do database - stores items to do by date, category and priority.

The three databases work together and the purpose of the program is to
track appointments, track contacts with people and track items that need
to be done.

The calendar database and the calendar entry system is the key to the
program. From the calendar screen, you can access the name and address
and to do databases.


1. From the main screen, select APPOINTMENTS. Move through dates and
pick a date. Hit enter and then pick a time. You will then see the
entry screen. Type some text and then hit F10 to save it.

2. From the main screen, select NAMES AND ADDRESSES. Select append and
type in a name and address. Hit PgUp or PgDn to save it, then exit the
names and addresses menu. You will return to the main menu.

3. From the main screen, select APPOINTMENTS. Pick a date and then a
time. From the editing screen, hit F2 to select a name. Pick the one
you just entered and either dial it or hit the spacebar to transfer

4. Next, type some text. Now, hit F6 to export text. You will be asked
if you want to add the text to the person's record. Say yes. You will
then be asked if you want to export to a file. Say no.

5. Next, hit F4 for the to do database and create a sample to do item.
Exit the to do list manager and then press Alt T. You will see a pop up
list of items to do. This list will pop up every time you start the
program or whenver you press Alt T.

6. Next, from the main screen, select APPOINTMENTS. Move to a date and
press F3. You will see the day expanded. If you move the cursor to a
time and press enter, you will bring up the entry screen for that time.
Hit escape to return to the calendar screen.

7. Next, move to a date and press F2. You will see the week on the
screen and may print it by pressing Alt P. Move the cursor to the
right and you will see you can move up to three weeks. Move the
cursor to any day and time and press enter. This will bring up the
entry screen for the date and time selected. Hit escape to return to
the calendar screen.

8. Next, press F5. This will move you to today's date from any calendar
or date you have on screen. Hit escape to return to the main screen.

You have now created an appointment or diary entry in the calendar
database. You have also added the information to the personal record of
the name you added to the name and address database and created an item
to do.

There are many functions in the program, but these are the core of how
the program operates. Please remember to call if you need help or have