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Output of file : TOTLAVER.HLP contained in archive : DATAMAGE.ZIP


"The total-average function totals or averages a numeric data segment"
"in each of the records now in the group. If you have used the select"
"records functions to exclude some records from the group your total"
"or average will be calculated on the remaining records only. If not,"
"all records will be totaled or averaged."

"The totals or averages can be printed as they are calculated. You"
"are asked if you want output to the printer then all totals/averages"
"computed are printed/not printed according to your choice."

"Then you specify your choice of a total, an average, or both. Then"
"you select the data segment to be the target of the calculation to"
"to be done. The value is computed and displayed in the dialog box."
"If you have opted for print, it is printed as well."