Category : Databases and related files
Archive   : DATAMAGE.ZIP
Filename : RUNMCRO.HLP

Output of file : RUNMCRO.HLP contained in archive : DATAMAGE.ZIP


"This function loads and executes a previously recorded series of"
"multi-record operations; i.e. select records, calculate, sort, print."
"Thusly, a MACRO can be used to extrapolate data routinely needed for"
"day to day operations. The output of a MACRO will change according to"
"the state of the datafile at the time the MACRO is run."

"A MACRO is like a computer program; a way to do a job that needs done."
"If you need to do a job only once don't write a program to do it, just"
"do it manually; you'll do a lot less work. When the need for the job"
"becomes repetitive THEN consider writing a MACRO to do it."

"MACROs are selected in the same way as datafiles, I/O group and marker"
"files. After selection the screen will ask you to make the printer"
"ready, and LEAVE IT on-line until the MACRO ends. The essence of the"
"MACRO is SPEED; they stop ONLY to display a total/average not printed."