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Archive   : DATAMAGE.ZIP

Output of file : PRNTGRUP.HLP contained in archive : DATAMAGE.ZIP


"This function outputs all records currently displayed on the browse"
"screen to the printer. If you have used the select records functions"
"to reject records from the group the non-survivors will not appear in"
"the report. If not, all records will be printed."

"You may enter a heading for your report. It will be printed atop each"
"page, along with the page number and the date/time the report was run."

"If the counters are active they will be listed after the data segments"
"now in the I/O group are printed. The names you gave to the counters"
"when they were computed will be listed as their heading."

"The content of the report can be controlled by the using the I/O group"
"function. This function allows rejection of unwanted data segments"
"from the printout and record access screen, and the re-ordering of the"
"data segments you do wish to print/view."

"If you are uncertain of the fields that will be printed just press"
"return from the BROWSE screen. The record display is also controlled"
"by the I/O group, and will show you the segments currently in it."

"To access the I/O GROUP function press Alt + F2 and, if you wish,"
"display the help screen by pressing the H key."