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Filename : INSTALL.HLP

Output of file : INSTALL.HLP contained in archive : DATAMAGE.ZIP


"The datafile installation screen works just like the BROWSE screen in"
"the BASE program; you navigate in the same manner with the up arrow,"
"page-up, home, down arrow, page-down and end keys. Pressing return"
"tells the program you want to edit the data segment whose number is"
"flashing on the screen."

"If you have opted for a POWER MAIL compatible file the first eleven"
"data segments have been defined for you. DO NOT change the class or"
"length of the fields. If you do the file will not be accessed by the"
"sales mail management sub-system."

"You may assign the indexing of the fields pre-defined for POWER MAIL"
"in any manner you like. You should read the INSTRUCT.IDX file for a"
"detailed explanation of indexing. 0 - 5 string fields may be indexed."

"Assigning a field as INDEXED UNIQUE will cause the program to reject"
"duplications in that field when they are entered. Assigning a field"
"as CROSS-INDEXED will cause the program to reject new/edited records"
"having duplications in ALL of the cross-indexed fields."

"Assigning a data segment as indexed NON-UNIQUE will make it available"
"for quick searching, but duplicates will be accepted."

"When you have all data segments the way you want them use the W=WRITE"
"function to record the definition of your new file to disk. You will"
"be prompted for the name of a new directory, then the description of"
"the new datafile. The new directory is created, and the definition"
"written into it. The INSTALL program ends."

"To continue the startup use #1, RAM-BASED file access. The SCRNBASE"
"program will detect the non-presence of records in the file and prompt"
"you to enter the first record into the new file."