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"The datafile alignment screen works just like the BROWSE screen in"
"the BASE program; you navigate in the same manner with the up arrow,"
"page-up, home, down arrow, page-down and end keys. Pressing return"
"tells the program you want to edit the record pairing whose number is"
"flashing on the screen."

"The pairing browse function provides graphic display of the pairs now"
"active and the ability to edit the pairs until the desired source"
"records are aligned with the desired target records."

"Pressing ESC from the pairing browse screen displays the functions and"
"their associated keys. Each function has it's own help screen(s). To"
"see them press the key, then the H key."

"The pairing browse display is maintained in order on the U/A source"
"record numbers, as is the group of no-match records. Each time you edit"
"or add a pair the lists will be re-sorted. That way all the moves from"
"a record will be together and easy to find."