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Filename : BROWSE.HLP

Output of file : BROWSE.HLP contained in archive : DATAMAGE.ZIP


"The BROWSE function provides graphic display of the records in the"
"file. When the file is loaded the BROWSE screen details the first nine"
"records. The user can change the screen to see whatever contiguous"
"nine-record screen he wishes to display."

"The current datafile is listed in the first line of the dialog box"
"with the number of records now active in the file or group and your"
"current position in the display. To see the next nine records press"
"PgDn. To see the last screen press End. To return to the first screen"
"press Home. The up/down arrow keys move the flasher up or down by one"
"record. Pressing return displays the record whose number is flashing."

"If the dialog box says GROUP IS: some of the records in the file have"
"been rejected, and you are working with a group comprised of the rec-"
"ords that have passed the tests made on them during the execution of"
"the select records by alpha and numeric comparison functions. Records"
"may also be rejected due to errors during calculations."

"Once a record has been rejected it is ignored by the program. If you"
"total a data in the file the rejected records will not be added into"
"it. If you make a printout the rejected records will not appear in it."
"F11 restores all records to the current group."

"Twenty-two functions are accessible through the F-keys. Pressing ESC"
"from the BROWSE screen displays the function key assignments. To get"
"F11, press Alt + F1. If your keyboard has F11 & F12 ignore them."

"F17 (Alt + F7) re-assigns the primary display segment, and F18 assigns"
"the secondary display on the blank line beneath it. To move large dis-"
"tances in the display press F16, then enter the desired position."

"Each F-key based function has its' own help screen. To see it, press"
"the key, then the H key. To dump the screen to the printer press Shift"
" + PrtSc. Be certain to reset the printer to a fresh page after dump."