Category : Databases and related files
Archive   : DATAMAGE.ZIP
Filename : ADD_MOVE.HLP

Output of file : ADD_MOVE.HLP contained in archive : DATAMAGE.ZIP


"The operation of the routine that adds data moves is quite simple."
"You will be prompted to enter the number of the source field, target"
"field and the transfer format. If you are moving alpha data you may"
"choose to replace the current data with the data to be moved or to"
"append (add) the new data to the current value stored."

"If you are moving numeric data you may add, subtract, etc. Format"
"conversion is also supported and the results are treated as any other"
"move to the target data type."

"As you specify the segment numbers of the source and target fields"
"your entries will be checked for duplicates. If they are dupes you"
"will be informed, and may opt to re-select or abort."

"If your new pair makes it through the testing process above it will"
"be added to the moves list and appear on the moves BROWSE screen."
"The new move will appear at the last of the list."