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History of CT-Label: A Cassette Tape Labeling Program

3.1 - This version has been changed so that there is now only one version
of CT-Label. Registered users will receive a new program, CTBRAND,
which will "BRAND" CT-Label with their name and serial number, and
disable the opening Shareware Reminder screen. CTBRAND will work with
this and all future versions of CT-Label. Now you will be able to
download the latest version and make it a registered copy.

3.01 - This is only a minor update. The program has been recompiled using
version 5.21 of B-Tree Filer from Turbo Power Software. This version
now will make use of available EMS memory to store the index, which
should provide faster searching on slow machines. The location of the
help text that pops up when the current field in either the update or
add screens is the TYPE or BIAS field has been modified. Support for
CT-Label is now being provided on The Wizard's Retreat BBS. See the
documentation for details.

3.0 - This version is nearly a total rewrite of the program. Extensive use of
Object Professional, from Turbo Power Software. Major feature additions
are mouse support, record delete function, browse utility, file rebuild
utility, and context sensitive help. More efficient and complete data
entry editing commands. Printing of Artist and Side A and B titles is
either normal size print or compressed print, depending on length of
data entered into field. Includes a program, CTCONVRT.EXE, to correct an
inadvertant problem in data files created with CT-Label prior to version
3.0. This program also converts the file to a new format. See the file
WARNING!.TXT for additional information. "Exploding" windows to add a
bit of flare to the program. Changed colors to enhance viewing of data.

2.1 - Increased the size of the fields used to configure printer setup strings,
so that laser printers may be used more easily.

2.0 - Added database routines from TurboPower Software's B-Tree Filer, to
eliminate the size restriction of the database. The size is now limited
only by disk space.

The routine used to check for the presence of a printer was changed to
use direct hardware checking rather than software timeout checking.
This is more reliable.

The editing routines have been enhanced to include many more keystroke
functions. Additional cursor control, insertion of blank lines, deletion
of lines, and a separate save data key have been added.

Now handles and supports all video modes correctly, including EGA/VGA
43/50/60 line modes. Still only displays 25 lines to a screen, but in a
compressed display mode.

1.2 - Enhanced editing functions slightly, to provide easier input of data.
This version was never officially released.

1.1 - Fixed a bug whereby the print routine did not reliably check for the
existence of a printer.

1.0 - First release of CT-Label.

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Archive   : CTLBL31.ZIP
Filename : CTLABEL.HIS

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