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C-Nett Project Management software. Very complete, and easy to use.
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C-Nett Project Management software. Very complete, and easy to use.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CN.EXE 54905 32409 deflated
CNETT.BAT 49 41 deflated
CNETT.DOC 35328 12259 deflated
CNETT.HLP 14650 5414 deflated
CNETT.PRN 1118 653 deflated
DEMO.CMP 2897 740 deflated
DEMO.DAT 3632 651 deflated
GCRT.EXE 51511 31636 deflated
GCRTBAS.EXE 50008 34524 deflated
GO.BAT 48 45 deflated
HOLI.DAY 101 69 deflated
MENU.EXE 39043 25679 deflated
MSHERC.COM 6749 3647 deflated
NOTIN.BAT 80 79 deflated
ORDER.FRM 2560 1204 deflated
PLTR.TYP 32 16 deflated
READ.ME 1237 623 deflated
RFILE.TMP 18 14 deflated
SAMPLE.DAT 155 60 deflated
SCREEN.EXE 51711 27665 deflated
SCREEN.FLD 2284 919 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

This disk contains an abbreviated version of the
C-NETT Project Management System (PMS).
It provides the capability to build C-NETT input files, to compute networks,
and to create On-Screen Gantt Charts. Input files are limited to 100 tasks
(2000 for commercial C-NETT PMS). In addition to the files which provide this
capability, the following is contained on this disk:

C-NETT.DOC - The text of the C-NETT PMS User Manual describing
the commercial version of C-NETT PMS including
On-Screen, Dot Matrix, and Pen Plot Products.
ORDER.FRM - Registration and order information for all
C-NETT PMS offerings.
DEMO.DAT - A demonstration input data file

1) With a Monochrome Graphics system, type MSHERC at the DOS prompt.
2) Type CNETT at the DOS prompt. (The C-NETT Menu will be displayed.)
3) Choose Selection L to specify the video system.
4) Choose Selection A to build an input file or alter DEMO.DAT.
5) Choose Selection C for a new network computation.
6) Choose Selection D to display the On-Screen Gantt Chart.
7) After familiarization, print CNETT.DOC and read Sections I to IV.
8) Print ORDER.FRM for registration and ordering information.

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