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CaseLinr Version 4.0c

Ed Adasiewicz
260 Richmond Lane
Crystal Lake, IL 60014
(815) 459-3628

[email protected]
CompuServe ID 71101,2744

CaseLinr is a Windows 3.1 ONLY program which prints case liners (a.k.a.
J-Cards) for audio cassettes -- including DAT. The image displayed on the
CRT screen approximates what will actually be printed. The printed result
is extremely accurate and can be cut, folded, and then inserted into an empty
(preferably clear plastic) audio cassette box.

To install CaseLinr, copy the three files CASELINR.EXE, CASELINR.HLP, and
DEFAULT.FMT to any directory and then use the New Program Item in the Files
menu of the Program Manager to install CaseLinr within any group. If you do
not copy these files to your "Windows" directory (I don't), then the first
time you start CaseLinr, it will ask you for the location of DEFAULT.FMT.

For help about CaseLinr, read the online help available under the help menu.

CaseLinr is Shareware. It is NOT FREE SOFTWARE, but it is also NOT
Crippleware. It is fully functional and does not contain any randomly
appearing oversized dialog boxes with insulting messages, charge card
graphics, or floating buttons. If you like CaseLinr and find it useful,
you are requested to support it by registering (i.e. sending me money).
If you have registered a previous version, you don't have to re-register this
version. However, if you feel a burning desire to send me more money, I will
not refuse it! Please do not request the latest version of the program since
I am not sure when, and if, the next version will come out -- this one took
almost 1 year! All suggestions, comments, criticisms, and modification
requests are welcome -- those coming from registered users will have priority.

This program is being made available on an "as is" basis, and carries no
warranties, express or implied. The author shall in no way be held liable
for any damages resulting from the use of this program or the media on which
it is distributed, including, without limitation, loss of business profits,
interruption of business, loss of information, damage to equipment, or any
other incidental or consequential damages.

Revision History:

1.0 - Initial release (fixed various bugs in CLFREE).

1.1 - Added the Invert menu option.

1.2 - Added Bisect Side checkbox to global layouts. Changed the Invert menu
option to Invert Image checkbox in global layouts so that it could be
saved/reset and written to a cassette file.

2.0 - Insured that the program functioned correctly under Windows 3.0. The
Ctrl-Enter key combination must now be used, instead of the Enter key,
for entering multiple lines in Titles and Songs. Added an alternate
icon. Added system menus to all of the dialog boxes. Default
extensions (*.CAS) are now properly displayed in the Open... dialog
box. OK in the global layout box only causes scrolling up or down if
inversion was actually selected or deselected.

2.1 - Centered the liner, both horizintally and vertically, within the page
specified in Control Panel prior to printing. Shrunk size of about
box. J-card icon now blends in with background color.

3.0 - Started using private profile file (caselinr.ini) rather than win.ini.
Provided automatic conversion from win.ini to caselinr.ini. Added
online help. Modified file format slightly. Added Print Setup and
Reset All Fonts. Added directory list boxes to Open and Save. Added
top and left margins for printing. Split font handling into two
dialog boxes and added more options. Added margins and indents for
songs. Added title alignment, margins, and splitting. Modified
features so that both the name and value are user settable. Changed
a lotta radio buttons to combo boxes.

3.1 - Reversed action of Enter and Ctrl+Enter during entry of multiple lines
in Titles and Songs -- Enter goes to next line, Ctrl+Enter depresses
the default button. Fixed a problem with very long song titles.

3.2 - Fixed UAE introduced in 3.1 and fixed saving global layout which worked
in 3.0. Both problems were a result of moving, incorrectly, all text
strings to the resource file.

3.3 - Fixed not being able to overwrite an existing cassette file even if the
user specifically requested it. Sorted Files and Sizes list boxes.
Fixed problem where a 4 point font would cause 48 to be highlighted
in the Sizes list box if 4 was not in the list.

3.4 - Changed Current Date button in side layout to Short Date. Added Long
Date button to side layout. Made Short Date, Long Date, and Current
Time operate as instructed in the International section of Control
Panel - no weekdays are used.

3.5 - Rebuilt application for Windows 3.x using Microsoft C/C++ 7.0.
Fixed problem (UAE) if fonts are changed while CaseLinr is in use.

3.6 - Fixed a problem where an "unwanted character" occurred every 128
characters in long songs.

3.7 - Fixed a problem where 3.6 would not print. Fixed spelling of February.

3.8 - Added 1-up sides and made it mutually exclusive with Bisect sides.
Added "null" (i.e. none) cut and fold lines. Added individual side
letter printing selection. Moved song margin and wrap indent from
global layout to side layout. Added left/center/right song alignment
and Save / Restore to side layout.

3.9 - Added DAT option. Added right title alignment and title wrap indent.
Added absolute feature order. Added liner dimensions. Added printing
of title over songs with new font. Changed several buttons from
Cancel to Close once a Save has been performed. Rebuilt for Windows
3.1 ONLY.

3.9a - Fixed problem with the Invert Image option which I broke in 3.9.

3.9b - Fixed a problem with the Invert Image and Bisect Sides options which
I broke in 3.9 and didn't totally fix in 3.9a.

3.9c - Fixed problem with songs overlapping side letter when Invert Image
option is selected.

4.0 - Modified dialog boxes to use Windows 3.1 common dialogs. Remembered
directory of last opened file. Enlarged title and song entry dialog
boxes. Introduced use of formats as opposed to CASELINR.INI. Auto
conversion of old file. Dropped DAT and title over songs features.
Added many margins and alignments. No more TWIPS, allowed for more
generic measurements. Added unlimited features. Added unlimited

4.0a - Fixed problem with not being able to enter more than 8 songs in a new
liner. Fixed problem with not being able to "unselect" Invert Image,
1-Up Sides, and Bisect Sides.

4.0b - Made the bisecting vertical line obey the song margins. Modified an
internal routine which may fix problems with printer drivers GPFing.

4.0c - Fixed another (GPF causing) bug related to freeing too many fonts.

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