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CIA Hypertext is a production of Bangkok Security Associates.

CIA Hypertext
Copyright (c) 1992 by Bangkok Security Associates (BSA)
All Rights Reserved

CIA is a hypertext version of the 1992 World Fact Handbook by the
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the United States. The ASCII
source for this hypertext version of the Factbook was produced by
The Gutenberg Project. For more information, please consult the
"About" section of the hypertext book.

CIA Hypertext is copyright in all countries. You may use this program
for up to 30 days without obligation. If you continue to use CIA
Hypertext after 30 days, you must register your copy with BSA. Details
of how to order can be found in the ORDER.FRM file contained in the
CIA Hypertext distribution archives or diskettes, and in the program
itself from the main menu. Corporations or government agencies using
CIA Hypertext must register the program. Special site license fees are

Those registering CIA Hypertext will receive early notice and a
discount on CIA93 Hypertext as soon as it is available.

By agreement with The Gutenberg Project, a portion of all registration
fees will be sent by BSA to this most worthy group. The Gutenberg
Project produces ASCII documents of a wide variety of public-domain
works. BSA is proud to be associated with this organization.

Hypertext "books" are meant to be easy and self-explanatory. This
document will thus be short. If you have questions, this is a fault of
the hypertext, not of this document. PLEASE send any suggestions you
have to Bangkok Security Associates PO Box 5-121 Bangkok, Thailand
10500 Fax (66-2) 253-6868 War on Virus BBS (66-2) 255-5981 (V.32bis,
24 hours)

You also can contact BSA via Compuserve, at 76420,3053.

CIA Hypertext - Description
CIA Hypertext is an easy-to-use version of The World Fact
Book, by the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). It is a
standard for US and foreign governments seeking data on any
country or area in the world. The Fact Book is an up-to-date
source of economic, geographical and political data on more than
250 countries and areas of the world.

CIA Hypertext contains the full text of The World Fact Book,
in easy-to-access form. Data can be viewed, saved, printed or
pasted into other applications as needed. No special computer
knowledge is required, and you can begin to use CIA Hypertext
immediately after installation.

CIA Hypertext is distributed on three disks, or in three
archive files. You MUST have all three files before using it.
After you complete the installation, the hypertext book requires
two disk files, which are created during the process:
CIA.EXE -- the hypertext "front end" program
CIA.HTX -- the actual hypertext

CIA Hypertext requires a minimum of 1.8MB of disk space. It
is approximately 300KB smaller than the ASCII version of the
Factbook. It contains not only the full text of The World Fact
Book, but several additional features, including tables and

CIA Hypertext also requires approximately 100K of RAM in
standalone mode. The hypertext program can also be loaded as a
TSR using as little as 0 (zero) bytes of conventional RAM. (See below).

Creating and Starting CIA
You must begin with the three hypertext parts. These are called
The distribution version of CIA Hypertext includes a batch
program called INSTALL.BAT. Place the three files above in a
sub- directory of your hard disk, and type the command:


Assuming no corruption or other errors, INSTALL will make a single
hypertext file called CIA.HTX. (For technical people, this file is
made by simple concatenation of the three CIA Hypertext file parts,
using the DOS command COPY /B.) Now you are ready to look at the
Factbook. Simply type


This should bring the hypertext to your screen with a welcome message
and some initial choices. To move to the section highlighted, simply
press Enter. Move around the screen with the Tab or arrow
keys. Menu items can be accessed with the Alt keys.

Using CIA Hypertext as a TSR.
You can have the full hypertext manual available at a keystroke by
loading CIA Hypertext in TSR mode. If you have above-1K memory,
this will take 1K or less of standard RAM, perhaps much, much less.

³ The hot key for CIA is ³
² Ctrl-. ²
³ (Ctrl and the period) ³

From the DOS prompt, the straight command to load the World
Factbook as a TSR is:

CIA -tsr [ENTER]

This will use more memory than you want to use. There are
several tested possibilities to use instead of this.

1. If you have "LIM-standard" memory (most of us do these
days) the following vanilla command may be what you want:
CIA -lim [ENTER]

2. If you have DOS 5.0, you can use LOADHIGH as a space-saver.

NOTE: This may produce the message
"Made resident in lower memory"
from the Hypertext program. This is often a LIE.
On test machines, this method used NO lower memory in most cases.

3. If you are using QEMM (tested) or other memory managers,
you should use their version of the LOADHI(GH) commands.
For example:
c:\qemm\LOADHI CIA -tsr [ENTER]
worked on our test machines.

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