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Instructions for the Document Screen
You can scroll the document screen with the scrolling keys,
print all or part of the document on your printer, or copy all or
part of the document to a disk file. The prompts on the bottom of
the screen explain these features. You could try it now, if you

Notice that if you choose to copy a document to a disk file,
the C:\ drive designation is automatically inserted into the screen
prompt as a default. You are free to backspace and overwrite this
prompt with another drive designation, such as A:\.

The file name you choose can be up to 8 characters. An
extension of "TXT" will be automatically added to the file name if
you do not include one of your own choosing.

Each line of text in the copied file will be padded to column
79 with blanks, followed with a carriage return in column 80. If
you plan to do extensive editing of the copied file, you may wish
to carry out a global search and replace to account for these
blanks and carriage returns.