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Instructions for Creating and Editing Index Cards

There are two types of index cards: heading cards and document
reference cards. Heading cards are in upper case while document
reference cards are in upper and lower case. Major headings are
positioned against the left margin, while minor headings are
indented two spaces for each new level of indexing. It is up to
you to insert all of your new index cards in the desired order,
sorted or otherwise. The computer does not manipulate the order of
the index cards in any way, and their order does not affect the
retrieval of documents. Also, the search feature on the index card
screens will work regardless of the order of the cards.

Document reference cards can be placed anywhere in the
indexing system and can be indented as desired for clarity. Also,
they can be rekeyed and placed in multiple locations, thus
providing any number of cross-references to a single document.

screen, place the lightbar on the index card just above the point
where the new index card is to be inserted. Press F10 and choose
the (i)nsert option. A blank line will appear in the location of
the new index card with the lightbar on it. After (q)uitting from
the submenu, press F10 again and then select the (e)dit option.
The edit window will open so that you can edit the new index card
(described below).

EDITING AN INDEX CARD: After selecting an index card (blank
or otherwise) on the ALL INDEX CARDS screen, press F10 and select
the (e)dit option. The edit window will appear at the bottom of
the screen. Into the top line, key or overkey the information that
you wish to appear on the index card screens. Observe the rules
for capitalization and indentation. If this card is to be a
document reference card, key in the DOS file name of the document
associated with or later to be associated with this card on the
second line.

If you do not include a filename extension to the DOS
filename, an extension of "TXT" will automatically be added.

If the second line of the index card is left blank, this index
card is considered by the computer to be a heading card. If such an
index card is chosen in the ALL INDEX CARDS screen by placing the
lightbar on it and pressing , nothing will happen.