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All document files are kept in the same subdirectory as the
CARDINDX program files (usually C:\CARDINDX). The program
automatically applies the hidden attribute (see your DOS manual) to
all of the program files except CARDINDX.EXE so that they do not
appear in listings and so that the user does not confuse them with
document files.

The easiest way to start a new document is from within the
CARDINDX program by using the built-in editor. First, create a new
index card (see "Read me fifth!"). Place a title and a new DOS
filename on it. After (q)uitting from the submenu, select the new
index card by placing the lightbar on it in the All INDEX CARDS
screen. Press . Follow the prompts to create the new
document. At that point you may stay in the built-in editor to
edit your new document or save the new blank or partially completed
document by pressing Ctrl-w (See "Read me eighth!") and then
editing it with your word processor (See "Read me last!").

As mentioned, all document files are (usually) kept in the
C:\CARDINDX directory. It is no problem to import text files
into that directory from other sources. Just be sure that you
create an index card corresponding to the new file.

It does not matter whether the document reference index card
or the document file itself is created first so long as there is
eventually one of each.