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The editor built into this program is intended for relatively
minor changes. Although it does not have all of the features of
popular standalone editors or word processors, it can still be very
useful for small changes.

To edit a document from within this program, place the
lightbar on the index card with the document name to be edited,
press F10, and then select the (a)lter document option.

The document to be edited will appear on the screen with a
cursor instead of a lightbar. Instructions for using the editor
will appear at the bottom of the screen.

Reformatting paragraphs: it is a little tricky to reformat
paragraphs due to the fact that unseen carriage returns (CR's)
exist at the end of each line. For lines that are too long, place
the cursor at the location where the line should be broken and
press . This will place a CR at that point and move the
remainder of the line down one row. For lines that are too short,
place the cursor at the end of the line (use the End key if you
wish) and press the Del key. This will delete the unseen CR and
cause the next line of text to be appended at the end of the
current line.

Additional editing commands which do not appear on the editing

screen are:
Ctrl-left-arrow = left one word
Ctrl-right-arrow = right one word
Ctrl-Home = top of screen
Ctrl-End = bottom of screen
Ctrl-PgUp = top of document
Ctrl-PgDn = bottom of document
Ctrl-T = delete word
Tab = insert spaces