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CALENDAR, version 4.1

Do you sometimes have to leave your computer to consult a
calendar? Do you get frustrated thumbing through the calendar
after you find it and yet can't seem to find the right month?
Do you want to know the date of Easter Sunday in say, year
1903, or the day of the week your grandmother was born?

If you answer "yes" to any of the above, then CALENDAR 4.1 is
created for you.

CALENDAR 4.1 is a memory resident program that pops up at a
touch of finger tip, any time you need it. It has a perpetual
calendar, holiday indicator, and a list of other dates of
interests. It is a compact, single-purpose utility program that
takes up 24,048 bytes (24K) of RAM when loaded.

CALENDAR 4.1 is released as a shareware utility. After you
have tried it and find it useful then you are expected to send
in a $10.00 registration fee to the author. Hundreds of hours
of programming efforts has been spent on this program, and your
registration will serve as support and encouragements for the
authors to continue bringing you other useful programs.

Please send your registration to:

Joe M. Tsou
2208 Pistachio Drive
Irving, Texas 75063

You may freely distribute this program to others, provided that
you do not charge any fee and that you include all files in its
entirety. CALENDAR 4.1 includes the following files:




CALENDAR may be loaded by typing CALENDAR at the DOS prompt.
It will then display a message

Calendar installed, Hot Key

Each time you need to consult a calendar all you need to do is
to press and the numeric keypad <+> keys together, and
a calendar of current month will pop up. You may press other
keys to get additional information:

F1 Help
F2 Credits
PageUp Month Forward
PageDn Month Backward
Home Current Month
ArrowUp Year Forward
ArrowDn Year Backward
+ Forward 10 years
- Backward 10 years

CALENDAR may be removed from memory by simply typing


at the DOS prompt. This convenient feature allows you to
reclaim the 24K of RAM for other use.


Loading CALENDAR at Boot-up

You may want to load CALENDAR each time you boot-up your
computer, so that CALENDAR is always available. You can do so
by adding statements in your AUTOEXEC.BAT files with an editor.
For example, assuming you have CALENDAR.EXE in a directory
called CALENDAR, then you simply add these statements to your


This way CALENDAR is always at your finger tip should you need

Running CALENDAR with other TSR's

Conflicts may result If you have several memory resident
programs (TSR's) running at the same time. In such cases you
may have to remove other TSR's in order to run CALENDAR


The author do not give any warranty, either expressed or
implied, to anyone using this program. In no event shall the
author be liable for any damages, including loss of profits or
anticipated profits, lost savings, or other incidental or
consequential damages arising out of the use of this program.
The program comes "as is" and it is the responsibility of the
user to determine whether this program is suitable for his