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(your street
city, state, zip)


city, state, zip)

Dear ____ (name):

As an experienced tax consultant, I can probably save you
a great deal of money! By doing your tax return, I often can find
enough missed deductions to pay my fee and more.

Below is a list of questions and answers that should convince
you on using my services:

l. Personalized Service. No two people are alike and no
two people possess the same tax returns.

2. Reasonable Fee. The basic price of ____ (price) is
for an itemized state and federal return. Business
schedules, stock sales, and other complications are

3. Fast, Confidential Service. There is usually no
waiting time for an appointment and your returns
are returned within _____ (time period).

4. Convenient. This is an individualized owned business
that is opened ______ (number of months) during the
year for your convenience.

Wå woulä likå tï includå yoõ aó onå oæ ouò satisfieä 
customers® Pleaså placå thió letteò witè yoõr taø paperó anä wheî 
yoõ arå readù tï worë oî them¬ givå uó á call.