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January 11, 1992

Please note that this is not full documentation for BTRV.EXE. The
program you have is a late BETA version. This documentation will hit
the high points, but with a little exploration should do for now.

As I said above, this is a BETA version, but there should be no major
bugs in it. I hope so any way. I wanted to get this out and get a
little feedback. The only thing I have left to do on version 1.0 is
write the full documentation and a bit more testing.

First, you must load Btrieve before you run BTRV.EXE. You'll probably
want to write a batch file to load Btrieve and BTRV.EXE. Second, if you
don't have a mouse, you might want to get one. BTRV.EXE, like most new
programs, has a fully windowed interface. This interface is much easier
to use with a mouse. You can do everything without one but it is much

If you don't have a mouse, here are some of the most important keys.
Alt-X will exit the program at most points. F10 activates the menu. Alt
and a letter activates the associated menu. Tab and Shift-Tab move from
field to field in dialog boxes. ESC will cancel most dialog boxes.
Enter will accepts the default or currently highlighted button in a

Windows and dialogs can usually be moved about the screen by holding
the left mouse button down while on the top border. There is usually a
close button in the top left corner. Windows can be resized by holding
the left mouse button down while on the bottom right corner. Without a
mouse you must activate the windows menu and select the appropriate

From the files menu you can open, clone or create a file. Cloning will
create an empty copy of a file. With create you can make a new file
with any of the features your version of Btrieve allows. First, name
the file, set the file flags, page size, and record size, then select
define keys. You can define any type of keys you want, segmented,
extended, or whatever. Each key segment must be defined individually.
Press "Prev Key" or "Next Key" to move between segment definitions.
Press "OK" in a key definition dialog to create the file.

The input menu is used to read a record, it lists all the various
Btrieve read operations. Output has all the write operations, including
transactions. Both menus include a key path submenu where you set the
current file access path.

The view menu lets you look at a file's statistics, key buffer, or data
(record) buffer. The buffer windows are also Hex-Ascii editors. On the
left the buffer contents are display in Hexadecimal on the right the
contents are displayed in Ascii. Use Tab to move between the two
displays, use the arrow keys, and page up/down to move through the
buffer. The displayed buffers are fully editable. You can read a record
edit a buffer and rewrite the new data. Open a key buffer window, enter
a key value (in the appropriate format) and read a record by key value.

The locks menu implements the full set of Btrieve record locking
functions. Last, on the misc menu, is handy feature to figure optimum
file page sizes.

I hope you find this program useful. If you find any bugs, have any
questions, problems, or suggestions please contact me. If you really
like it, why don't you register it. The fee is $39.00 (U.S.), $49.00
anywhere else. I will send you the full non-beta version as soon as it
is available. Site licenses and multiple copy discounts are available.

Richard Hansen
PO Box 18571
Saint Paul, MN 55118-0571 USA

CompuServe ID 70242,3367

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