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August 13, 1990

The purpose of this program is to convert CASIO B.O.S.S.
telephone data base files ( *.tel) to MyPhonebook data base
files so that the MyPhonebook printing utility can be used.
The CASIO B.O.S.S, (which stands for Business Organizer
Scheduling System), is a small shirt pocket sized digital
diary with data bases for telephone numbers and addresses,
business cards, memos and schedules. It also includes
calender and time functions.

Unfortunately the BOSS software which comes with the
optional RS232 interface for downloading files to a PC does
not include a utility for printing the telephone data base
onto a usable format. MyPhonebook, a phone book data base
program from MySoftware Co. does have an excellent utility
for printing a very handy 6" by 3" pocket size phone book.

Because of some limitations of the MyPhonebook software BOSS
telephone file records must be limited to 6 lines and 23
characters per line. The BOSSBOOK program is used by typing
BOSSBOOK with the name of the telephone data base file
(*.tel) as part of the command line. The output file created
is called temp.dat. This must be changed to records.dat to
be read by the MyPhonebook program.

This program was written using Microsoft Quick C. The C
source code is available upon request. I am currently
working on a new program which will print the *.tel files
directly. If you have any questions please contact:

William Kautter
7535 Rain Flower Way
Columbia, MD 21046