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Hints on using Bib for monographs rather than journal citations.

Several people have asked that Bib be modified to allow the entry of
books in addition to journal citations. In fact, I think you can
accomplish this now, without changing Bib. You can use two of the
fields currently present, but enter data that is different from the
field label.

Specifically: use the Journal field for the Publisher; and use
the "Volume" field for the city of publication. The "journal"
field is a required field, but will allow you to add new entries as you
go through the data entry. The "volume" field is really a text field,
and will allow up to 10 characters. This has worked for all the cities
and publishers I've tried in my own files.

For the case of a work "In:" some other edited work, I use the note
field to indicate the work that contains the specific citation.

I admit that this is a work around, but it does seem to do the job in
most cases. It will allow you to enter the monographs you want,
without waiting for me to get around to changing the screen and perhaps
the file structure. I've been trying to minimize the number of datafile
conversions I've inflicted on people, (only one so far). Please try
this method and see how it works for you.