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Version 1.0

A memory resident Btrieve Debugger

(c) 1991 Informative Technologies

This file provides information for disk vendors; any person or
organization distributing software on disks (or through any other
medium, including electronic file transfer) for a fee will be
considered a disk vendor in this context. This explicitely
includes commercial and non-profit user group libraries.

Vendors who distribute software without charging any fee of any kind may
distribute this software, provided they comply with all the terms and
conditions listed in this document and/or in the accompanying software

Vendors who charge a fee of any kind, whether it is a:

"membership" fee,
"shipping and handling" charge,
"copying" fee, or other type of fee,

must obtain the author's permission in order to distribute this
software. If you are a vendor approved by the Association of Shareware
Professionals (ASP), you may proceed to distribute the software under
the terms and conditions listed in this document and/or the accompanying
software documentation. ASP-approved vendors must notify the author of
their intention to distribute the software, and must indicate which
version of the software they have. Under no circumstances may outdated
versions or registered versions of this software be distributed.

If you send me a copy of your catalog, which includes Btr Watch
I will automatically send you the next new version as soon as it
becomes available.

Vendors who are not ASP-approved must write to the author to obtain
permission BEFORE distributing the software.

The author reserves the right to withhold or withdraw permission to
distribute from anyone at any time for any reason.

You may copy and distribute the UNREGISTERED version of this software,

(1) You do not rename, change or omit any of the files unless
you receive express permission to do so in writing from the author,
(2) You understand that you may not "sell" this software, but you may
charge a reasonable copying fee for providing copies on disk,
(3) You do not "rent" or "lease" copies of this software,
(4) You do not advertise this software as "free", "cheap" or
"public domain".

The following files MUST be included on all distribution copies of
this program:

BTRWATCH.EXE TSR Btrieve Debugger
WATCHBTR.EXE Configuration and Log File Viewer
WATCH.BAT Batch file with example settings to load
SITELICE.DOC Site license information.
REGISTER.DOC Registration information and registration form.
VENDOR.DOC List of disk vendor instructions.
README.DOC Installation Instructions
BTRWATCH.DOC Btr Watch Documentation

I strongly recommend that you consider becoming an ASP approved
vendor if you have not already done so. The ASP vendor program
reduces the workload for both authors and vendors, and helps give
customers confidence that reasonable standards are met in the
distribution of shareware products. For more information on the
ASP vendor program, contact the ASP at:

Association of Shareware Professionals
Vendor Certification Committee
545 Grover Road
Muskegon, MI 49442

For further information about this software contact:

David Smith
Informative Technologies
1718 M Street NW, Suite 292
Washington, DC 20036
Voice (202) 675-4528
FAX (202) 675-4529

CompuServe: 71311,2334

If, for any reason, you are unable to reach me at the above address,
please contact me in care of the ASP.

SOFTWARE REVIEWERS: If you plan to review this software for
publication, please contact me first to make sure you have the most
recent upgrade version of the product and that the ordering information
supplied to your readers will be accurate.

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