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Utility to watch and log Btrieve calls.
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Utility to watch and log Btrieve calls.
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Contents of the README.DOC file

A memory resident Btrieve Debugger
(c) 1991 Informative Technologies

Btrieve is Novell's record-manager system designed to aid PC
programmers in the development of applications. Btrieve handles
all of the tasks associated with managing indexed records. Btrieve
is loaded as a TSR and applications make calls to Btrieve to access
indexed files.
Btr Watch is a memory resident Btrieve debugger. Btr Watch can
trace all Btrieve file accesses and log them to a ASCII file.
Btr Watch is loaded after Btrieve, but before the Btrieve application
program. Btr Watch can be used with any DOS application that uses
Btr Watch is a set of two programs. The first program is a TSR
that loads into memory between Btrieve and the application program.
This program intercepts Btrieve calls and logs them to a file.
The second part of Btr Watch is a program to view the log file and to
set the options of Btr Watch.

If you are in a hurry to begin using Btr Watch, see the "Quick Start"
section of BTRWATCH.DOC.

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