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Btr Watch - v 1.0

(c) 1991 Informative Technologies


This software is protected by both United States copyright
law and international treaty provisions. You may use it on
a trial basis provided you do not violate the copyright.
After you have evaluated it, you are required to pay the
license fee of $29. This license fee entitles
you to use the software on one computer at one time. If you
wish to run several copies of the software concurrently, you
need to pay an additional license fee for each
concurrent copy. You are granted a limited license to copy
Btr Watch for the trial use of others providing you
include all files in complete and unmodified form. You may
NOT distribute the registered version of Btr Watch.


Informative Technologies Corporation does not warrant
that the software operation will be error free or
uninterrupted. Informative Technologies Corporation
shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential
damages from the use or the user's inability to use this
product. Informative Technologies Corporation
specifically disclaims all other warranties, expressed
or implied, including but not limited to implied
warranties of fitness for any particular purpose and
of merchantability.


You may use Btr Watch on a trial basis subject to the
restrictions described in the License Agreement. After you
have evaluated it, if you want to continue to use Btr Watch,
you are required to pay a license fee of $29.

Registration benefits:

- A diskette with the latest version of Btr Watch.

- A Printed Guide for Btr Watch.

- A free membership to CompuServe with a $15 credit.

- Advance notification of updates to Btr Watch.

- A certificate for $7 off a 1 year subscription to
Shareware Magazine.

- Free Technical Support for 1 Year.

- A diskette with more Informative Technologies'
software to evaluate.


Please send check, money order, or postal order. If you
are from outside the USA please have your bank prepare
a check in USA dollars drawn on a USA bank. Registrants
overseas should send an extra $5.00 for postage.

Send registrations to: Informative Technologies Corp.
1718 M Street NW, Suite 292
Washington, DC 20036
Voice (202) 675-4528
FAX (202) 675-4529

You may also register with MC, VISA, AMEX or DISCOVER by
contacting the Public (software) Library at:

(Phone) 800-2424-PSL or 713-524-6394
(FAX) 713-524-6398
(CIS-email) PsL at 71355,470

These numbers are for credit card orders only.
For Technical Support, site licensing, volume or dealer
discounts, please contact David Smith at
Informative Technologies Corporation. Version__________

Name_____________________________ Title_______________________

Company Name__________________________________________________




What features would you like added to Btr Watch?


Where did you obtain your copy of Btr Watch? _________________

Payment by: [ ] Check (U.S. funds only, drawn on a U.S. bank)
[ ] Money Order [ ] Postal Order
[ ] PO # __________________ (U.S. Companies Only)

Btr Watch - $29 for a single user license $_______

Btr Help! - $40 for a single user license $_______

Washington DC Residents Add 6% Sales Tax $_______

Shipping and Handling ($4.00) $_______

Total $_______

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