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AUTO MATE is a share-ware auto maintenance program.

This program will handle the maintenance of up to 20 vehicles.
up to 100 maintenance repair entry's per vehicle
up to 100 part descriptions and part numbers per vehicle

The scheduled maintenance log with this share-ware version is
intended only as an example.
the registered version will handle up to 100 maintenance categories
which can be edited to fit your individual needs.

The scheduled maintenance section will calculate when an item is due
for attention, by time and by mileage.
these (due) items will be shown in yellow print.
and will be shown by (DUE) with the print routines.

This program is offered on an as-is basis
the author will not be help liable for any damages direct or indirect
which could arise out of use of this software.

In other words- as an example--if it's time to change oil and for some
reason the program fails to notify you.
the author will not be help liable.

By using this software you agree to the terms in this file

To receive your registered copy

SEND CHECK FOR $20.00 TO: James Gracey
2686 West Mill st. #142
San Bernardino,Ca 92410

phone support will be provided for registered users

If you need the program to handle more than the 20 auto's
or more than the 100 records per auto.
then send for your registered version and call the author
for info and price of a custom version.

You are granted permission to copy and pass out this software.
you may upload or download this software to / from any bbs,
or distribute for a reasonable disk copying fee not to exceed 5.00

you may not change this software in any way
or add or remove any files.

you should have received the following files:


first time users:
run auto.exe
type (1) at main menu
type (2) at select auto menu
log in the auto by answering questions.

the menu's are set up for ease of use from the numeric key pad

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Archive   : AUTO.ZIP

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