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Auto Repair Shop Management
ShareWare Version
(C)1992-1994 Viet Q. La


This program is migrated from customized version as shareware. You may copy
it for free and share it with your friends on a "try before you buy" basis.
It was written with great care and took an enormous amount of time. That
means you should register if you use it. Every effort was made to give you
to best program possible. If you register you'll receive a full working
version, a free update, unlimited telephone support, and a discount on
customized version order or next product.


Any IBM PC system that has at least 512KB RAM, hard disk, printer. A PC
386SX/20 MHZ with 2 MB Ram, a hard disk with 19 ms access time, VGA monitor,
and 24 pin dot matrix printer is recommend.


The Auto Repair Shop Management (ARSM) program are copyright (C) 1992-1994 by
Viet Q. La dba VN Software. All rights are reserved. Non-registered users
are granted a limited license to use this product on a trial basis, and to
copy the program for trial use by others subject to the following limitations:

The program must be distributed in unmodified form, complete with all files and
documentation. See the file list later in this documentation for details.

No fee, charge or other consideration may be requested or accepted for
program distribution with one exception. PC software libraries may charge a
maximum of $6 per distribution diskette to defray costs of copying and

Auto Repair Shop Management may NOT be distributed in conjunction with any
other hardware or software product without the written permission of the
author. For example, this means the program can NOT be given away by computer
outlets as part of a computer system without my written permission.

If you intend to use ARSM program after an evaluation period, you MUST
register the program. To do otherwise is a violation of the distribution
license and United States Copyright laws.


Although a great deal of time and effort have been spent in designing,
coding and debugging this software, it cannot be certain that they are
totally error free. It should be clearly understood that this
software is released 'AS IS'. Viet Q. La makes no warranties,
express or implied, with respect to this software, including without
limitation, warranties of merchantability and fitness for a
particular purpose. In no event shall Viet Q. La be liable for any
direct, indirect or consequential damages, real or imagined.


When you order ARSM program you will receive a full working current version, a
new version of the software in the future (without the reminder notices),
unlimited telephone support, and a discount on customized version order or
next product. The basic registration fee entitles you to use ARSM for one
store locations. Each additional location requires another registration fee.

Sold To:_____________________________________________________________________


____________________________________________ PHONE __________________________

Computer System: _______________________________________________

Specify disk type ( ) 5 1/4-inch 360K ( ) 5 1/4-inch 1.2M
( ) 3 1/2-inch 720K ( ) 3 1/2-inch 1.4M

Specify graphics type ( ) Hercules ( ) CGA ( ) EGA ( ) VGA

___Check ___Money Order ___Cashier Check


___ ARSM basic registration US$ 99.00 US$_______

CA. residents please add sales tax US$_______

Shipping and Handling for U.S.A and Canada Orders US$ 5.00

Foreign orders add US$10.00 US$______

Total US$_______
All sales are final. Thank you for your order.

Viet (Dominic) La
Make checks payable to: 10421 Blake St.
Garden Grove CA 92643
Phone/Fax (714)636-0183
CIS # 72113,3335

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