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Household Register
Version 3.12
Lemuel D. Turner
Member Association of Shareware Professionals (ASP)

(C) 1989-1993 By Lemuel D. Turner and TurboSystemsCo

Mailing Address: TurboSystemsCo
P.O. Box 965368
Marietta, Ga. 30066
FAX 404-591-4988

To Install: Log to A or B drive and type INSTALL TO Start: Type HR


Household Register is a full featured menu driven easy to use program
that maintains a detailed list of everything you own. Each item is
automatically categorized by location, category, owner and item. The
user can easily customize the pop-up menus for the Location (24 sel-
ections), Category (24 selections) and Owner (8 selections) fields.
The pop-up menus can be turned off if desired and data can be typed
directly into the three fields rather than using menu selections.
Each database can hold 99,999 items the program supports an unlimited
number of databases. On screen help is provided for each screen and
help lines are automatically displayed for each data entry field.

The comprehensive reports section of the program lets the
user examine every aspect of his/her possessions. The total value
report lists the inventory items and computes the total value of the
inventory using purchase price or replacement price. A five page
summary report computes the total value by category, location or
owner and provides many valuable statistics about the inventory, such
as the percentage change between the purchase price and replacement
price. A warranty report is also provided that will prove invaluable
in tracking warranty information. A total of seven reports are avial-
able which can be listed to the screen, printer or a disk text file.
Also reports can be printed on continous form Index or Rolodex cards.
The full featured and comprehensive search/selection module lets
the user list only those itmes that meet the specified criteria.
A sample database is included to allow quick examination of the pro-

Short Description: Complete Home/Office inventory program.


(1) Customizable pop-up menus for data entry that can be disabled
if desired.

(2) Movable command line menu - the command line menu can be dis-
played on the bottom or top of the screen. Can be switched back
and forth by the touch of a key.

(3) 12 easy to use database management functions available from the
main data entry screen. Next, Prev, Find, Top, Last, Edit,
Add, Copy, Del, Search, Report and Help

(4) Nine reports that can be listed to screen, printer or disk and
each report can be indexed by category, location, owner or item.

(5) Each entry automatically indexed by category, location, owner
and item.

(6) Performs searches on any combination of fields using logical

(7) Displays a list of items indexed by category, location, owner
or item in less than 2 seconds.



(1) 384K RAM (2) Printer (3) Color Monitor


(1) The latest version of Household Register without the shareware
registration screens.

(2) A printed manual.

(3) Customer Support by Phone, Mail, FAX, Compuserve, GENIE or Prodigy.

(4) Advisement of upgrades which are provided at low cost.

(5) Catalog of addtional products and discounts on additional
product purchases.




2.0 Changes:
(1) A replacement value field has been added.
(2) The Item field is now indexed.
(3) The "Find Screen" has been enhanced to allow scrolling to see
most of the fields in the record.
(4) The "Summary Report" can now be printed without printing the
"Total Value" report. The "Summary Report" now provideds
5 screens/pages of information instead of one.
(5) A larger "Total Value" report has been added that can only be
listed to a printer or disk. The "Description Field" and the
"Replacement Price Field" has been added to this report.
(6) The "Total Value" report gives you the option print the report
using either purchase price or replacement price.
(7) Reports can be listed using single or double spacing.
(8) Users can enter thier own report headings.
(9) The menu command line can be switched from the bottom to the top
of the screen if desired.
(10) Files are not compatible with earlier versions. Registered users
are provided with a conversion program.
(11) Re-Index module included in shareware version.
(12) Increased printer support.

2.1 Changes
1. Large Report can now be indexed on all index fields
2. Some Printer Drivers Corrected

2.11 Change
1. Corrected a bug that caused reports not to print under
some conditions.

2.12 Changes
1. I've moved--new address for registration/tech support
added, also new phone number.

3.0 Changes
1. Two new reports added.
2. Items names now listed in alphabetical order within each
Category, Owner or Location index.

3.1 Changes
1. Added automatic installation program
2. Fixed bug that caused only part of report to be printed when
the report was listed to disk.
3. Corrected Rolodex report so it would print correctly on
2 1/6 X 4 rolodex cards.
4. Corrected the Laser/Deskjet drivers so all reports print
correctly, except for 3 X 5 cards & Rolodex cards.
5. Corrected Epson printer driver so that the Total Value
Large report prints correctly on Epson MX-80 and compatibles.
6. Simplified the printer selection/installation screen.

3.11 Changes
1. Fixed bug in printer selection screen that occasionally
caused the program to lock-up.
2. The Model# and Serial# fields in the search routines were
swapped--corrected with this release.

3.12 Changes
1. Added printer driver for Cannon BJC-600
2. Stopped automatic printout of summary report - now if you
want a summary report it must be selected.



HR EXE Main program file for Household Register.
HR OVR Overlay files used by Household Register.
HR DOC User Manual for Household Register.
HR BAT Batch file to start program. Located in directory
where COMMAND.COM resides, normally drive C root
DBIO PRM Default program parameters.
CAT DAT Text file for item categories used by the program.
LOC DAT Text file for locations.
OWNER DAT Text file of owners.
PRINTER DEF Printer codes used by program.
HRHLP1 TXT Help file for main data entry screen.
HRHLP2 TXT Help file for report selection screen.
HRHLP3 TXT Help file for report selection screen.
PRHLP TXT Help file for printer selection screen.
*SAMPLE HRD Sample database data file.
*SAMPLE H1 Sample database index file.
*SAMPLE H2 Sample database index file.
*SAMPLE H3 Sample database index file.
*SAMPLE H4 Sample database index file.
MYSTUFF HRD User database file.
MYSTUFF H1 User index file.
MYSTUFF H2 User index file.
MYSTUFF H3 User index file.
MYSTUFF H4 Uuser index file.
README DOC Start-up information for users.
ORDER DOC Product information
FILE_ID DIZ Program discription.

* Optional Installation


INSTALL EXE Installation program.
INSTALL FIL Installation script.
HOUSE PAK Compressed program files
SAMPLE PAK Compressed sample database files
README DOC Start-up information for users
VENDOR DOC This file
FILE_ID DIZ Short program description file.


Permission is granted to shareware vendors*, users groups and BBSs to
add Household Register to their libraries and distribute the program
as long as the distribution fee does not exceed $10.00 and it is
explained to the end user that the program is shareware and requires
an additional payment for continued use.

If your distribution fee exceeds $10.00, you must write for written
permission to distribute Household Register. If the program is
included as part of a CD-ROM collection the $10.00 maximum fee is
waived and does not require written permission as long as the
the shareware concept is explained.

*Includes rack vendors.

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