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Welcome to Household Register

This README file contains important information about Household
Register 3.12

NOTE: Version 3.12 cannot use datafiles created with versions prior
to version 3.0. A conversion program is available to users who


(1) Insert the Household Register disk into drive A or B. You should at
your hard drive command prompt (C:\> or any other hard drive letter design-
ation. (2) Type A:INSTALL or B:INSTALL (3) Press the ENTER key. (4) Follow
the on screen prompts and the program will be automatically installed on
your hard drive. A batch file HR.BAT is installed in the directory that
containes your COMMAND.COM file. The HR.BAT file is used to start the
program after installation.

If installing from a CD-ROM or hard disk directory log to the directory
and type INSTALL. Then pick up with step 3 above.

(1) Obtain a formatted disk or format a disk to place the program files on.
(2) Place the program disk in Drive A or B. (3) Place the previously for-
matted disk in the opposite drive. (4) Log on to the drive that has the
program disk, if it is drive A, you should see the A:\> prompt. (5) Type
INSTALL and press the ENTER key. (6) Follow the on screen prompts. *NOTE:
You must use a directory name eventhough you are installing on a floppy
disk. You should except the default directory listed by the program.


To start the program after installation, type HR and press the ENTER
key. If the program fails to load perform the following to start the
program, log to the drive that holds the program files and type:


Press the ENTER Key after each line above.

After the program starts you will see the registration reminder
screen then the Main Menu Screen. Select item 1 to enter the
database program to start entering your data. After item 1 is
selected you will see the FILE SELECTION SCREEN. You will see
the cursor flashing around MYSTUFF. Select this file to start
entering your data. If you elected to install the SAMPLE files
which is recommended, you will see SAMPLE displayed on the FILE
SELECTION SCREEN also. Upon first use we recommend that you
select the SAMPLE files to explore the program prior to entering
your data. If you don't like the name MYSTUFF for your file, you
can press the F2 function key while the FILE SELECTION SCREEN is
displayed and enter another file name.


The printer installation program is entered by selecting option 4
on the Main Menu Screen. HR is set-up to work with Epson
printers and compatibles. You are given five choices (A) Epson
MX,RX,LQ and Compatibles (B) IBM Pro Printer and Compatibles, (C)
HP Laser/Deskjet and Compatibles (D) Generic and (E) Cannon.

Normally you should choose A, B, C or E. However if your printer
does not print correctly try the Generic printer (D). You should
be able to print all reports except Total Value- Lg, Index Cards
(3 X 5) and Rolodex Cards. You should also be able to print these
reports if you can manually set-up your printer for compressed
print prior to printing the reports.

NOTE: The Index Cards (3 X 5) and Rolodex Cards cannot be printed
correctly on a Laser, DeskJet or Cannon printers in this version.

TurboSystemsCo Product Descriptions

Below are listed additional TurboSystemsCo programs that may
be ordered from TurboSystemsCo.

Video Librarian
An outstanding easy-to use menu driven program that quickly organ-
izes and maintains any size Video Library. Can maintain over 2
billion titles in your library. Includes context sensitive help,
pop-up pick list for data entry, moveable, resizeable, scrollable
Browse windows, editable memo field, plus fields for star, co-star,
cast members, rating, director, category, publisher, year, tape#,
start/stop counter, recording speed, time and more. The program is
very fast and can perform complex searches on up to ten fields and
can print reports to the screen, printer or disk. Prints labels for
cassettes on regular or custom labels. Mouse support. Regular
Retail price is $34.95.

Book Librarian
This easy-to-use book database management system is ideal for
managing your personal, church, club or coporate library. Capacity
only limited by disk size. Each record can hold the following:
Title, Author, Type, Subject, Edition, Pages, Copyright Year, Cat-
alog#, ISBN, Purchase Date, Price, Publisher, Location, 2 Note
Fields and a Memo Field. The Memo Field can store up to 30 lines of
information. Prints numerous reports to the screen, printer or a
disk file. Features context sensitive help, mouse support and much
more. Also features outstanding search and find procedures; quickly
find any Title, Author, Subject or Book Type. Regular retail price
is $34.95.

SoundMasterDb Plus
The best audio library/cataloger available. Handles all audio for-
mats (CD's, Cassettes, Albums, Reel-to-Reel) through its advanced
relational database design. Advanced data input/display screens
store an unlimited number of songs per side. Nine reports that can
be indexed six ways. Reports to screen, printer or disk. Quick FIND
-SEARCH on single or multiple fields. Context sensitive help, on-
line manual, built-in screen saver and much more. Regular retail is

Paper Products (Continous Form Cards - May be ordered without
-------------- Registering the program)
You can order continous form 3 x 5 Index Cards and 2 1/4 x 4
Rolodex(R) cards that are used by Household Register. Each box
holds 1 thousand cards. These cards are not designed for
laser printers. We also carry custom designed labels designed
to fit on the spine and top of VHS cassettes. We also stock
regular address labels (3 1/2 x 15/16).

TurboSystemsCo Order Form Part I
| | Suggested | Discount | | |
| Product Name: | Retail Price | Your Price | Qty | Cost |
| Household Register | $34.95 | $34.95 | | |
| Video Librarian | $34.95 | $14.95* | | |
| Book Librarian | $34.95 | $14.95* | | |
| SoundMasterDb Plus | $35.95 | $14.95* | | |
| Index Cards(1000) | $12.95 | $12.95 | | |
| Rolodex Cards(1000) | $12.95 | $12.95 | | |
| VHS Spine Labels(200)| $11.95 | $11.95 | | |
| VHS Top Labels (200) | $11.95 | $11.95 | | |
|VHS Spine Labels(1000)| $45.95 | $45.95 | | |
|VHS Top Labels (1000) | $45.95 | $45.95 | | |
| Address Labels(1000) | $ 7.95 | $ 7.95 | | |
| *Discount prices only good when ordered at Sub-Total | |
| the same time Household Register is ordered. +--------+
| Shipping & Handling ----------------------------------> |$ |
| US $4 1st item + $1 each addtional item +--------+
| |
| All others $8 1st item + $2 each additional item) +--------+
| Total Enclosed | |
DISK FORMAT: 5.25" [ ] 3.5" [ ]

TurboSystemsCo Order Form Part II
| Check[ ] Money Order[ ] VISA[ ] MasterCard[ ] AMEX/Optima[ ] |
| |
| Card Holder's Name: ____________________________________________ |
| |
| Card Holders Signature: ________________________________________ |
| |
| Card Number: __________________________________________ |
| |
| Exp Date: __________ (month/year) |
| NAME: _______________________________________________________ |
| |
| STREET: _____________________________________________________ |
| |
| CITY: ________________________________ STATE: ____ ZIP _________ |
| |
| PHONE: __________________________________ |
Please make check payable to and mail forms to:
P.O. Box 965368
Marietta, Ga. 30066-0007
If paying by credit card, you may place your order by
calling 1-800-257-7221. 10am - 6:30pm Eastern Time Mon - Fri or
FAX to : 1-404-591-4988


If you have a Compuserve account you can register the following
programs by typing GO SWREG after logging on to Compuserve.

------------------ ---------------
Household Register 351
Book Librarian 350
Video Librarian 349

The registration price for each program above on Compuserve is
$34.95 + $4.00 Shipping and Handling. Discount pricing as shown
on the previous page is not available through Compuserve.

When you register a program through the Compuserve Registration
service, the registration price of the program is added to your
monthly Compuserve bill.

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