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ZMove v0.4 released October 4, 1988

Scott M. Pazur
PO Box 582
Englishtown, NJ 07726

What is ZMove?
ZMove is a protective addition to the MS/PC-DOS command library.
ZMove will "move" files from one place to another, renaming if so desired.
When moving from/to the same device, ZMove will work in the File Allocation
Table, taking very little time to process the move request. It will also
work across drives, performing a copy/delete operation. Protection has been
added to prevent overwriting files you may want to save. When you tell
ZMove to move a file, it will check the destination specification to see if
a file by that name already exists. If so, you will then have three options
- replace, rename, or skip. If you specify "replace," ZMove will delete the
destination by that name and move the new file in its place. You can
optionally tell ZMove to automatically replace any files found to already
exist by using a "/R" as the last item on the command line. On a rename
request, you can specify a new name (including wildcards) and the same check
for existance will take place. Also, when encountering an error writing a
file (i.e. trying to overwrite a "read-only" file), ZMove will report the
problem, skip that file, and move along.

The only limitation on ZMove is that no more than 500 source files
can be copied at one time.

Revision History:

Version 0.4 10/4/88
- Fixed bug which prevented overwriting files on certain releases of

Version 0.3 10/1/88
- Initial release, take off of ZCopy v0.3 released two days earlier

Why ZMove?
ZMove is the second release in a series of utilities eventually to
be part of a complete package of DOS add-ons/enhancements. It is sort
of my way of teaching myself C language after years of hacking away
at Basic.

ZMove [d:][path]filespec [d:][path][filespec] [/R]

Source Destination auto
(if not current dir) replace

Return Codes:
ZMove will return codes to DOS to indicate what has
happened during its execution (see ERRORLEVEL in your DOS
manual). These are as follows:
0 - Files found and moved, all went fine.
1 - Syntax Error
2 - No files were found to move.
3 - If you get this return code, please get in touch
with me (or have your lawyer contact me!)
4 - More than 500 source files found
5 - Target Disk full

Coming soon to a release of ZMove:
- Option for "filling" diskettes with files
- Ability to pick and choose files to move from a screen menu
- Any other logical suggestions you might have (I'm easy)

Getting in touch with the author:
I'm easiest to find on the following two BBS's:
The Right Choice PC-Board
Spring Lake Heights, NJ
Mark Jackwicz, Sysop
201-974-8317 (Public Node 1200/2400)
(Private Node available with USR HST)

The Jersey Shore PC-Board
Sayreville, NJ
Barry "Bub" Jerkowicz, Sysop
201-613-7350 (USR HST)

Disclaimer (sorry, but I have to say this):
By using ZMove, you assume all responsiblity for what
might happen as a result. I, Scott M. Pazur, have tested ZMove
extensively with no terrible side effects, but all systems are
not created equal. I can't imagine what could possibly happen,
but just incase...

| ZMove v0.4 [Released 10/4/88] Please complete and mail to: |
| |
| Registration/Suggestion Form Scott M. Pazur |
| PO Box 582 |
| Englishtown, NJ 07726 |
| Name: _________________________________ |
| Address: _________________________________ |
| _________________________________ --- No Donation, |
| _________________________________ | | just suggestions |
| Daytime Phone: ___________________________ --- for a future release |
| Evening Phone: ___________________________ |
| Where did you get |
| your copy of ZMove: ______________________ --- $5.00 Donation |
| ______________________ | | Send me a postcard |
| Suggestions (if any) for a future version: --- when the next version |
| __________________________________________ is released. |
| __________________________________________ |
| __________________________________________ --- $10.00 Donation |
| __________________________________________ | | Send me the next |
| __________________________________________ --- version on diskette! |

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