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Directory lister using colors for file type, Flashy !!.
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Directory lister using colors for file type, Flashy !!.
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Contents of the ZD.DOC file

Zinger of a Directory Listing Utility

User's Guide
Version 1.0

Copyright (c) 1987
Joseph P. Shannon
566 Rock Road
State College, PA 16801
(814) 238-0029

ZD is a flexible COLOR directory listing utility with many user
selectable listing formats and display colors available. It is
completely user-configurable, and you may customize it to your heart's
content. It was written primarily with color monitors in mind, and on
a color display ZD can do some amazing things, but many of the options
are also useful on monochrome monitors.

This distribution includes three files:


ZD is the directory lister itself. SZD is for customizing both the
color display and the default formats for the ZD program.

Even after the default colors and listing type have been established, ZD
permits you to change the listing styles from the command line. A list
of all options is provided at later in this manual, but here are some...


ZD -l (force a Long listing)
ZD -ld (Long listing, Date and Time sorted)
ZD *.c (default style, all .c type files)
ZD A:\dos\ (NOTE: trailing \ required to denote
a sub-directory listing)


These programs are written for a MSDOS/PCDOS computer. ZD requires ANSI
terminal emulation. By including the line: "device=ansi.sys" in your
"config.sys" file and having the appropriate ANSI driver file available,
your PC will emulate an ANSI type terminal.

A few good ANSI drivers that I am familiar with are :

1. ANSI.sys (device=ansi.sys)
2. NANSI.sys (device=nansi.sys)
3. Fansi-Console (device=fconsole.sys)


Using the Set Zinger Defaults (SZD) program, lets you set the options
that will personalize your listing to the colors and types of listings
that you prefer.

For SZD to function, the file ZD.EXE must be on the same drive and
directory that you run SZD from.

A carriage return is not required to respond to SZD option prompts
unless your response does not fill the prompt field.

File types 0 and 1 are reserved, and specify the coloring of the Border
(BDR) and the Default (DEF) color (for files not listed elsewhere).
When selecting "File" 0 or 1, you will not be prompted to change the
file type name or background color.

When prompted to enter the DEFAULT SWITCH STRING, enter the appropriate
letter for the option you want to be ON as a default.


LCBF (long list, COLOR on, borders ON, file sort)

All of the atributes may not be available with your implementation of


* R - Regular listing - 4 columns
S - Short listing - 6 columns
L - Long listing - 2 columns
* F - File name sort format
T - Type sort format (sorts by file Type)
D - Date sort format (sorts by file Date and time)
^ N - New screen - clears screen before each dir listing
^ C - Color - use ANSI color sequences
^ B - Border - use Graphic Border characters
^ V - Verbose - Show Directory information at the top
and bottom of the listing
U - Unix style (file names in lower case)

* Defaults for SDZ
^ Toggle commands (opposite of default setting)


***** Copyright and Disclaimer *****

ZD is not in the public domain, it is a "Shareware" program. Both ZD
and this documentation are copyrighted by the author. ZD is intended
for your private, noncommercial use only. You may make copies of the ZD
program and documentation files for your own use, and you may copy the
files for others provided that all three files remain together. You may
not, however, modify the program or charge for such copies, or in any
other way sell the program or otherwise attempt to make any money from
the program or any modified version of it.

I do not warrant that the documentation is accurate, or that the program
operates as designed. I will not be liable for any damages of any kind
sustained through the use of the program. By using the program, you
agree to this.

If you will send your name and address, along with $15.00 to me, you
will become a registered user of ZD. I will send you a disk with the
most current version of ZD and provide you with information on some
useful undocumented features.

I encourage any suggestions for improvements or reports or any (shudder)
bugs. If you like the program call or write! It's nice to know there
are people out there!

MS-DOS is a copyright of Microsoft Corporation
Fansi-Console is a trademark of HersheyMicro Consulting
ANSI is a trademark of American Standards Institute

Some other names of products mention in this manual may also be
trademarks of other companies. "Trademark" is a trademark of the
attorneys, bless them.



NAME _______________________________________ PHONE __________________

ADDRESS _____________________________________________________________

HOW PROGRAM WAS OBTAINED ____________________________________________

Mail $15.00 and form to: Joseph P. Shannon
566 Rock Road
State College, PA 16801


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