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Cute but noisy directory lister.
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Cute but noisy directory lister.
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Contents of the YDIR.DOC file

This program is provided free to all for any non-commercial use or
distribution without warranty or liability of any kind.

It is intended as a replacement for DIR.

It provides the following benefits:

- shows the space occupied by matching files
- hi-lights those that are .BAK or .~ (Norton Editor)
- allows PgUp and PgDn
- it changes directory to that specified
- does not change drive to that specified
- exits to DOS if less than 60 files
- reveals all files (sys,vol,etc.)

USAGE : ydir [ {/e} {/s} ]
ydir [ {/e} {/s} ] *.---
ydir [ {/e} {/s} ] a:
ydir [ {/e} {/s} ] \
ydir [ {/e} {/s} ] \dir
ydir [ {/e} {/s} ] \dir\subdir

You May Specify EITHER a Wildcard OR Another Directory,
but NOT both.

This utility was written in Turbo Pascal 4.0.

Comments and suggestions to: Julian Fitch
351 Ulloa Street
San Francisco,Ca.


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