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Update to WalkTree (sweep-type utility.
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Update to WalkTree (sweep-type utility.
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Contents of the WT.DOC file

Version 1.00: April 19, 1986
Author: Don A. Williams

WalkTree is a small transient program that will execute another
specified program at every level of the Director hierarchy
starting with the current directory. This first release just
contains the basic mechanism to walk the directory structure
recursively and to execute a program, using MS-DOS function 4BH,
at every level of the hierarchy. Future releases will contain
the ability to execute a specified program on selected files of
every level of selected directories.


WalkTree version 1.00 has a very simple command line:


the angle brackets, '<' and '>' are not actually part of the
command. Any command or program recognized by DOS can be
specified and the specified program will be executed at each
level of the directory hierarchy beginning with the current
directory on the current disk.



This usage of WalkTree would erase every .BAK file in the
current directory and every directory subordinate to the
current directory.


This usage of WalkTree would produce a Directory listing for
the current directory and every directory subordinate to it.

Copyright Notice

The program WalkTree, both in binary executable and source forms,
is in the public domain. No warranty is given or implied, and no
liability will be assumed by the author.

Everyone on earth is hereby given permission to use, copy,
distribute, change, mangle, destroy or otherwise employ these
programs, in whole or in part, in any fashion they so desire,
provided they hurt no one but themselves in the process.

If anyone has any questions about this or any other program that
I have authored, I can be reached by messages on any of the
following systems:

Bob's Answering Mach (602) 242-3158 300/1200 bps
FIDO 114/1 Phoenix Node (602) 242-5230 300/1200/2400 bps
FIDO 114/446 XTRA #1 (602) 979-6352 300/1200/2400 bps
Technoids Anonymous (602) 899-4876 300/1200/2400 bps

All are excellent 24 hour systems.

Don A. Williams
3913 W. Solano Dr. N.
Phoenix, AZ 85019

Version History

Version 1.01 modified by John Covici March 12, 1987 fixed the following bugs:
(1) assembles now with masm
(2) Had to say [ds:2ch] rather than [2ch] to get indirection. I
think its a bug in the assembler.
(3) Append cr to generated command line to prevent dos crashes.

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